Any notes/thoughts on 2014 Daniel Rion wines?

I don’t see notes in CT or from the pros. Anyone taste these and have impressions?


no experience, but good producer, year, and vintage–so I’d buy if prices are good. Often these unreviewed wines are a steal–after favorable review, price jumps. I have many such (relative) Burg bargains in my cellar–recently some 99 Chapelle Chambertin from an unheralded producer that just sings–Livera.

Thanks, Alan. Yes, the combination is a good one for sure. I have quite a few Daniel Rion wines in the cellar, but haven’t bought the last few vintages, so I feel out of touch.

I haven’t tasted the 2014s, Sarah, but Allen Meadows reviewed them in the most recent issue of Burghound.

Thanks, Nowell - I subscribe, but have to admit I almost never read the newsletter, just use the online database or get the scores when they flow through to CT, to be honest. I’ll grab my copy. Very helpful!

You’re welcome, Sarah. The notes have already been added to the database, as that’s where I saw them.

Not flowing through to CT, though.

Hi Sarah,

I like the Daniel Rion wines and have been importing them into Australia for some time. Here are my notes of the '14’s (I hope it doesn’t look like I’m shiling here).

2014 Domaine Daniel Rion Cotes de Nuits Villages: Red and black fruits coupled with notes of coal and meat. Fresh and fruity. Round in the mouth with underlying muscle.

2014 Domaine Daniel Rion Nuits-St-Georges ‘Lavieres’: There are red and black fruits trimmed with earth. It has good flesh in the mouth and there’s plenty of spice to the flavour profile. It has a base of mineral and earth.

2014 Domaine Daniel Rion Nuits-St-Georges ‘Les Grands Vignes’: Good ripeness here, showing plenty of fleshy black fruits. In the mouth you get plum and licorice and it is a wine of good posture with a savoury finish.

2014 Domaine Daniel Rion Nuits-St-Georges ‘Haut Pruliers’ 1er Cru: There’s a pleasant aniseed and ginger spicy note mixing it up with fleshy black fruits. It has good depth and density and plenty of punch to the finish. Should age particularly well.

2014 Domaine Daniel Rion Nuits-St-Georges Vignes Rondes 1er Cru: Showing good transparency. There’s red and black fruits and plenty of iron. It is elegant with some floral spice and possesses the roundness associated with the vineyard.

2014 Domaine Daniel Rion Vosne-Romanée: Silky and spicy. The fruit is red and tinged with aniseed and ginger. It is fresh and velvety with good length. Delicious wine.

2014 Domaine Daniel Rion Vosne-Romanée Les Beaux Monts 1er Cru: This is a beautiful bottle of wine. It is complex and expansive, showing plenty now but keeping some in reserve. The fruit is bright and comes across as black cherry and pomegranate. There’s some floral spice and plenty of mineral. It is like liquid velvet in the mouth and it has great persistence on the finish.

2014 Domaine Daniel Rion Vosne-Romanée ‘Les Chaumes’ 1er Cru: Planted in 1944-1945 this shows real old vine sap. It is luscious and sweet yet understated. It is silky in the mouth and black fruits gather at its heart. There’s some mineral evident just towards the finish.

2014 Domaine Daniel Rion Echezeaux Grand Cru: This is already giving and accessible. The nose is super complex with notes of smoke, rose petals, Asian spice and pomegranate. In the mouth it has good depth and is expansive. It has lovely balance and should develop beautifully with bottle age.

2014 Domaine Daniel Rion Clos de Vougeot Grand Cru: Deep, dark and dense. There’s a core of black cherry fruit. You get some tar, iodine and grated ginger too. There’s plenty of material here it just needs time.

Best regards

Love this producer. Did some 80’s slurping last year and the wines had held up well…I used the Audueze method.

The 1986 Echezeaux and 1986 Vigne Ronde were the winners, of all

Thanks very much, Jeremy. Doesn’t look like shilling to me at all. I hoped you would chime in, as I have found your notes on previous vintages very helpful and in-line with my impressions. We like the wines also. My sense is that Burghound doesn’t, really. That makes your notes more useful to us, as we start out on the same page.


Well, perhaps Sarah’s inquiry was based on the fact that Patrice Rion, who made the domaine’s wines for years, left after the 1999 vintage.

interesting to see the difference between Jeremy and Meadows. Meadows review says he tasted all from half bottles- .I always liked his wines ,but rarely see them.In general, I love 14 for both red and white and would lean more toward Jeremy’s reviews.good luck finding some.

No, unrelated. I’ve never had any from pre '99.

Burghound reviews of the 2014’s were rather underwhelming as you will see.

Hi Sarah,

I was able to taste the '14s from barrel in November 2015 (thanks again for organising Jeremy!). Safe to say I very much like the wines and style from this producer. Also as others mentioned up thread the price point is quite good given their non-mainstream status. Here are my notes from that visit.

Thanks, Andrew. Lest you think I’m totally lazy, I did do a search on WB, but there were so many pages returned, I will admit I didn’t read through them all. Appreciate your direction to your notes - I shall read them forthwith.

No worries Sarah, here’s hoping these wines suit your tastes!


I for one always value your tasting notes and hope that you will continue to post them, even if you represent the winery in Australia. What you did here was esp. legitimate in that you disclosed your business relationship with them, so that anyone reading your note could take that into account.