Any good wine shops in Southern Jersey?

Going to be in the Atlantic City area for a Few days next week and am wondering if there are any decent wine shops in and around the area.


will you have a car?

I have shopped at Canal’s once or twice when in the area and can always find enough to survive. Not sure where you are staying but if you are in the Borgata and don’t want to travel there is a store in the walkway to the water club that is sufficient if not great. I can usually find a couple of bottles there and they are not overpriced while many known names are significantly overpriced.

Yes will have a car.

I would suggest Charlie Beatty at Wine Works


South Jersey is actually pretty wide. The store that Michael recommends is great, but it’s in western S. Jersey, more proximate to Philadelphia than Atlantic City, from which it is at least 50 miles.

My experience is w/ the Philadelphia area shops. The Canal’s in Marlton is good but I don’t understand the relationship between the various Canal’s so I don’t know whether quality at Marlton is a predictor of quality at the shore location.

White Horse Wine about 8 miles from casinos.

Check their website.

Nice little shop short driving distance from boardwalk casinos

They have a good gastro pub in the back as well

I second the Wine Works recommendation, worth the ride there imo.


Wine works and Canals are pretty good. I guess it depends on what you are used to.