Any Chance On Vineyard Designates?

With Krug offering up two “Vineyard Desigated” wines, Clos de Mesnil & Clos d’Ambonnay, will DP ever follow suit?

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mc did a set called “le trilogie” a while back that included three different designated vineyards (one bottle of each)

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Thanks for this question, which is asked more and more often in the light of the current micro-trend for vineyard designates in Champagne. This practice goes against the Dom Pérignon ideal, as expressed in the Manifesto: Dom Pérignon is always an assemblage. Year after year I can see that the sum of the terroirs contributing to the final assemblage is much greater than any of its parts. Furthermore, Dom Pérignon is one and indivisible: I certainly do not wish to start dispersing the various elements entering into the assemblage. My only goal is to reach an absolute as one expression of the vintage, and I want to be in a position to draw on my 17 Grands Crus in order to achieve this. I can therefore definitely say that there have never been, and never will be any vineyard designates for Dom Pérignon.

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Thanks for the detailed response…makes perfect sense to me.

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