Antibiotics and wine

I have heard so many divergent opinions, the latest being from my regular doctor (it’s ok) and my dermatologist (it’s not ok,)

Doctors of the board…what is the truth?

I’m no Dr. but my understanding is ETOH does not substantially effect the performance of antibiotics. Some antibiotics can however temporarily alter your plate and sense of smell. Don’t really know the mechanics.

Also not a Dr. (but I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night…bah dum dum), but I do have a degree in Microbiology, FWIW. I had always heard that alcohol just lessens the effectiveness of antibiotics, but I would think you would have to drink an awful lot for it to make much of an impact. I would think hard alcohol would be much harder on the system than wine.

I have a minor in medical, and giving advice like this without knowing your complete medical history, for you, is completely speculation. So in general, I think most Penicillin base meds should be ok , erythromycin has some GI effects and can be compounded with OH, Biaxin can give you metallic tastes, some mycin/cyclines base products can have nephro ( kidney ) toxicity. So I dont think we have enough info to get the correct answer. Good luck!! When in doubt hold out.

best Paul

The doctor told me if I have to drink I should not take my pills that day. Let’s say I want this thing to go away! If it requires not drinking that’s fine. So it seems like I can taste and spit?

Allergic to Penicillin. Its for folliculitis that has been extremely nagging. It’s called Solodyn.

It looks like a cycline base , so I would listen to him on the use of alcohol and your med. As it could enhance nephro toxicity.

I’m an MD, and there’s no real problem with combining alcohol with most antibiotics (other than forgetting to take them when you’ve indulged, or aggravating GI upset with those antibiotics that can cause this issue, like Augmentin or erythromicin). The one that stands out is metronidazole (Flagyl), which in some people can cause an antabuse-like reaction if combined with alcohol. I’m not aware of any problem with minocycline, except it could aggravate dizziness, which is a reasonably common side effect.

Moderation is fine, not affecting the antibiotic efficacy, but maybe your recovery ability ect if you drink it to excess. I cant think of an antibiotic (except metronidazole) that if I was sick I would not take if I was drinking. Is it Ideal to drink when your are sick…well no, but the alcohol and the antibiotic interaction directly is not the problem generally.

Most here probably know this already: A very commonly taken drug that can be quite problematic when used with alcohol is acetaminophen (Tylenol, et al.); many other drugs contain acetaminophen and the consumer might not know it (e.g. Vicodin)

I went to a rather expensive wine tasting while taking antibiotics and every single wine tasted like metal. And it was a strong metalic flavor, I’ll never forget it. I was sorry that I even attended.

Doxycyline can also cause an antabuse type reaction.

I was on that before, but not a strong enough dose so moved on to Soledyn.

Not a heavy drinker at all, so all i care about is if i can taste and spit, and it looks like I can.

Thanks for all the advice. So In early July I’ll be back and rocking.

Why not just ask the pharmacist?

If you drank more you wouldn’t need 'em in the first place, alcohol kills germs! [berserker.gif]

Duane Reade pharmacists are idiots.