Anova chamber vacuum sealer

Anova has a chamber vacuum sealer just out:
Since I bought an Anova Precision Oven I’ve used my joule less often for sous vide. I never did bother with sealed bags.
Anyone have a chamber sealer and if so how useful is it? The size and expense stopped me from buying one.

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349 is not a bad price for a chamber sealer.
The upper tier food savers are about half this cost, but suffer from the liquid issue which this resolves.
I use my vacuum sealer almost every day, but this would take up a lot of counter space and weighs almost 20 lbs. So moving around like i do my food saver would be an issue.

I have a Henkelman Boxer 35 chamber sealer and love it. Use it multiple times per week. When I bought it years ago, I did a bunch of research and it seemed like the “cat’s meow” for what was practical at home. While it’s an order of magnitude more expensive, it’s built like a tank. We’ve had it for years and were trepidatious about spending so much on a new piece of equipment, but were quickly satisfied with the investment. The double sealing with cut bar is so much more important than I originally thought. But, it weighs a lot (probably about 125 lbs.?) and has a big footprint so isn’t practical in any vaguely normal kitchen. We have ours set up in our garage by the door.

We use it for sous vide, but also many other tasks. We make some bulk items (legumes, gumbos, soups, spaghetti, etc.), vacuum seal them and freeze for easy heat up in the sous vide. Also, infusing fruits or concentrating them with extended cycles.

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this is a real “wow” for me. amazing trickle down engineering. means that a year from now there will be copies at $250 or so. pretty amazing.

Similar to Chris, we have a beast of a chamber sealer - had to build a special cabinet and drawer to accommodate the weight and size - which we use all the time for freezing. For instance, we buy whole loins of pork from a local farm and break them down into individual chops which we then seal and freeze.

We bought a chamber sealer two or so years ago after numerous vacuum sealer failures over the years. Nothing fancy, weighs about 30 pounds, sits on the countertop, and the motor doesn’t require oil. It gets used probably 5 days a week for sous vide prep and breaking down bulk items like Sarah does. Complete game changer for us.

I signed for a FedEx today for a VacPak. Box isn’t even open

Oil compressor.
Larger chamber

But also $1000.00

Decisions decisions

I feel like I should be an enabler to fit in around here, so DO IT!!! Even though I don’t have the Anova, I like having a countertop model that requires no maintenance. If mine ever dies, I’ll be looking at the Anova.

Very interested

The reality is I don’t need anything larger than this Anova. Plus, I’m not Sarah meant in the most admiring way.

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Valid. Though, need and want are different things. I don’t need 150 bottles of sparkling wine, but I sure as hell WANT twice that many! Fortunately, I’ve found a support group in this community that enables such behavior. champagne.gif

I use mason jars for lots of things. I would love to pull the air out of them for storage reasons. The machine I purchased has a 5.25” clearing space. I also split a dry age fridge with some friends and we seal quite a bit of aged beef. Lastly I’m single. Cooking for one is really a pain in the ass and I have been looking for better storage options for portions.

I’ll look closely today. But if the Anova has. Supplemental hose to use on Mason/Bell jars, that would work and I’ll send mine back.

We have a Vacmaster up in Alaska that we have used for 10+years with only regular tuneups.At home I have a Weston pro sealer that has been flawless, though not a chamber sealer.

UGH bought a vacuum sealer on amazon a few months ago. Sigh. Would totally have gotten this.

My VacMaster chamber vacuum is one of my favorite kitchen devices. I use it constantly to vac pack things for freezing, not just for sous vide and a few cooking tasks like degassing. Also, most of the sous vide cooking I do in the Anova combi oven is actually bagged. It is often more convenient, for example, something already vac packed and frozen, makes less of a mess, and easy to store for later reheating. Also, for longer cooks (7 or 24 hr, depending on who you listen to), bags are preferred to avoid off flavors due to oxidization.

The Anova vac sealer (actually, they don’t make it, it is made by another manufacturer that makes very similar models for a number of different companies) is affordable, but on the small side.

The Anova chamber is only 3 inches tall, and they don’t recommend jars taller than 2.8", so too small for standard 8oz mason jars (although there are more squat shapes). It doesn’t have a hose either.

Also, although it might sound great to seal mason jars in a chamber vacuum, it doesn’t actually work well. The vacuum is so strong it can be very difficult to get the lid off again, and it’s hard in my experience to adjust the vacuum to the sweet spot where there is a decent vacuum but the lids are still easy to pull off. I basically gave up on doing this for spices. If I buy spices in bulk, I’ll vac pac them in bags not jars.

Wondering what happens when you vacuum seal a container of wine, does it keep better than with Coravin? :slight_smile:

On order, thanks!


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Supposedly Next week!