Another World Class 2009 Beaujolais!

2009 Villa Poinciago Fleurie “La Reserve” - 13% - $19.95
Medium/Dark violet red. Complex nose of ginger, violets and spice.
Powerful, mouthwatering, lipsmackin’, minerally, cherry/raspberry fruit with a long, long aftertaste.
Great acid and ripe tannins assure a long life.
This is soooo bright, focused, structured and pure. Young but enjoyable now.
An absolute must buy! [94 pts]

An exact opposite of my other favorite 2009 Beau.
Whereas the Calot Morgon is like a great ripe Golden Delicious, this Fleurie is like biting into a Granny Smith.
Both great in their own way but totally different.

Uber-Highly recommended!!!

TTT = Trust The Troll

Good timing. I just bought one of these today from K&L to try it out.

So did I!

I’ll have to grab one of these while I am in SF this week. Thanks for the heads up.

Just got some from Envoyer on Thurs.
As did Brad K who alerted me to this thread.
Guess I should have gotten more.
Thanks for the heads up Paul.
Look forward to this one.

interesting, thanks for the note!

Serve at cellar temp.

Thanks Testy…I think. Your timing was perfect. I received Greg’s email Thursday, meant to order some, but forgot until I saw your note. Definitely looking forward to these.

I think this would go nicely with Salmon, plain chicken or veal.


P.S. Glad to help drain your Credit Card… [wink.gif]

I opened this wine tonight. It took FOREVER to come around. Tight as hell for the first 6 or 7 hours. But when it does wake up it is indeed an impressive wine. Lots of depth but very elegant. Even red fruited. This is a clear vin de garde that should age remarkably but Im pretty disapointed that it is enclosed with a agglomerate cork. Makes me worry it will not age properly.

Wish I had known this before I purchased, but at $20/btl a risk worth taking and I really did not plan to hold long term.

If you decant for a couple of hours it’s eminently poundable.
But I would age it a few…


Might be some bottle variation but I opened it and put it into a wide-bottomed decanter at 3:00 PM and it was still acid and tannin flavored water at dinner time. It wasn’t until around 10:30 PM until the fruit was balanced with the structure.

Im bumed about the cork because this would be a great wine to let age into teriary complexity.