another Where To Visit in Napa thread – but with a twist: let's keep it under $100/bottle

A couple very close friends of my wife and me are going to Napa the weekend of November 10 – 13. I told them I’d help them with suggestions and/or arrangements. They’d like to make Friday a full of tasting, and have Saturday be lighter on the tasting (i.e.: perhaps just a lunch with wine). They’re open to all different kinds of wine, but here’s the tricky part: They said they’re interested in tasting and buying (as opposed to only tasting), and, when asked, they said they’d like to keep the bottle cost under $100.

So, drawing on the collective wisdom here, what places would you folks recommend that fit that bill? Thanks in advance for any guidance you can give! [cheers.gif]

My best bang for the buck is White Rock, but I am still pretty sure you can’t visit there, which sucks.
Grassi is a good off the beaten path brand, but also unsure of visiting.
Mending Wall for sure.
I think Detert is still under $100 for the most part.

Consider Neal Family vineyards. Good wine reasonably priced.

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Merryvale-good friend works there
Mumm for champagne
Alpha and Omega

Round Pond

Plus the olive oils, vinegars, etc. might appeal to them as well.

They’ll also do food paring tastings. And if you’re real nice they’ll give you a taste from their gravel series which is some of the best Napa Cab I’ve had.

Another vote for Neal Family - good wines at very good prices, but a bit of a hike up Howell Mountain.

Round Pond is also a good choice, for the reasons mentioned … and it’s centrally located …

Some favorites …

Spring Mountain: Smith Madrone, Pride, Stony Hill

Calistoga: Vincent Arroyo, Myriad/Envy (many but not all bottlings <$100)

Conn Valley Road: Anderson’s Conn Valley, Seavey, Forman

Geez, no votes for Merrill? EMH for sure.

Pride comes to mind immediately - for great location, nice tour and a number of good wines under $100

I could be wrong, but isn’t her “tasting room”, her house?

To add ones that haven’t been listed, and keeping it to stuff that might please ‘civilians’…

Park in Yountville and walk to several…

Chiarella Wines is friendly and affordable. They even make an ‘orange’ non-oxidative style white! The wines are slightly fruit forward (not meant as a criticism) and well crafted, I think made for them by Thomas Rivers Brown. How cool is that! (He is very skilled, I think)! Very friendly staff, too.

Make at appointment at Ma(i)sonry and you and your friends can taste lots of wines from small producers at those price points! I think it is a fun experience and a chance to taste wine from multiple producers made by the same winemakers! (Reservations will get you the best opportunity.)

Then, you can hit lunch or dinner at one of the several good restaurants there!

Bistro Jeanty and Hurley’s are affordable and friendly and I think Hurley’s has no corkage! On a Sunday, you could do brunch at Ad Hoc and then taste at those places!

Best wishes!

For an otherworldly experience, go into JCB wines. I have not tasted their wines but looked inside and your friends may get a kick out of it. (I claim no credit or blame for the wines if you like it or hate it.)

I agree. Same thing could be said about Chappellet.

Adding to Anton’s Yountville suggestions, Hope & Grace is always a nice spot and very welcoming, especially before or after grabbing a bite at Bouchon (which is right next door) or one of the other great places along that strip. And +1 to his Ma(i)sonry recommendation.

Farrella Park in coombsville

Lagier Meredith

If they want to add some Pinot to the mix, Failla does a great tasting, is located in Napa but sources from Sonoma etc. for Pinot/Chards, and is $35-$60s per bottle.

What a shock, I’m agreeing with you :wink: :wink: :wink:

I’d also add in Barnett and Sherwin Family on the same road as Smith-Madrone (I really recommend Barnett if they can get a chance to talk to David Tate. He’s insanely bright and has done a ton already at 40 years old. He’s a great guy as well)

Yes it is. But she can hold a small group (6 or so I think [but could be wrong])