Another product--Truffle Zest

I discovered this Truffle Zest product at the end of 2016; it’s very good. It’s a good way of getting truffle flavor into a dish without adding salt (via truffle salt) or oil (via truffle oil, which is also often rather artificial anyway). Highly recommended for things like pasta and risotto dishes.

Truffle Zest.jpg

So what exactly is in it? Did a quick look and can’t really tell. Truffle oil is nasty. Fresh truffle salt can be tolerable. Some truffle butters for some reason seem to carry it better.

Per Amazon:

natural flavor, carob powder, salt, black summer truffle, flavors

Also, Oprah apparently loves it (according to the auto-play giant video on their homepage).

Sounds awful [snort.gif]

And if there is salt in it, so much for not adding salt…