(Another) NYC Help - food/wine/activities

Hi all. Not been to NYC in forever. Going to see Byrne’s Utopia in early Oct., super stoked. Staying in Theater district (130 West 44th). We’re a celebratory group of 5, no kids. Looking for suggestions on

FOOD: not fancy, but damn good and maybe special to NYC. Open to everything from pizza, deli to Korean to sushi and everything in between. Really pretty much DON’T want the Per Se, Grammercy, Daniel, 8 course etc thing. Classics? Hot places? Where to go after the show?

WINE: looking at wine lists…MAIALINO? This seems to be the right vibe, not too upscale, but killer wine list (and food0, hopefully). We are big Piemonte fans. Cocktails/speakeasys etc work too.

FUN: off the wall stuff? We’ll probably do a few regulars like Central Park tour etc, but …? Totally open to anything. Nothing too physical.

Thanks for any thoughts!


Keen’s Chophouse for meat and BYOW.
NoodleTown for cheap but good Chinatown dishes.
Cafe China for Shanghainese specialties and BYOW.
Peking Duck House for duck and BYOW.
Wah Fung for cheap roasted meats and boiled cabbage over rice.
Tacos Cuautla Morelos for huevos rancheros.
Pasta Eater for Sicilian pasta.

Eataly for getting rudely ripped off.

Amazing! Was hoping you would chime in Victor! Thanks!

There is active NYC restaurant thread here:

Saw that thx Robert, any thoughts on wine lists?

I think Maialino is still closed.

The Rum House in Times Square has decent cocktails if you are looking for a drink in that vicinity. I think they are back open.

Oh, and Aldo Sohm (sp?) wine bar for fancy wine

Marta for good Italian comfort dishes. Fun place for a small group.

Tomino Taberna Gallega, a Galician (Spain) restaurant on the border of Chinatown and Little Italy, is also a fun group place. N

Marta is especially good for champagne–and it used to be for models late in the evening.
Noreetuh, unpretentious setting, serves great “New Hawaiian” and very well chosen list. Racines, affiliated with Chambers, has a nice list also. Hearth for Italian, also unpretentious. (BTW, I also like “pretentious” or fancy, just responding to OP’s preference.)

Racines will unfortunately be closing next week and something else will be open in the same space later this year.

Second Marta for pizza and other Italian. Scarr’s on the Lower East Side for great pizza. Prince Street Pizza for square pies

Deli - There is Katz’s, Sarge’s and Pastrami Queen

For fun - check out the Bronx Zoo and while you’re up there hit the real Little Italy on Arthur Ave in the Bx

Yes, Maialino is still closed. If you want something at that level I would suggest Ai Fiori or Marea.

If you wanted to eat close to the Theater District, I recommend NORMA on 9th & 53rd or Kashkaval Garden at 9th & 56th. Neither have anything special on the wine lists but the food is great and both are good NYC experiences.

For bars–
On the Rocks is a great whiskey bar in HK. It’s a small space though and is cramped when crowded. If you prefer more space check out Fine & Rare or The Flatiron room, or Brandy Library. Relaxed atmospheres and good cocktails and spirits pours. Also-Dear Irving, Raine’s Law Room (multiple locations).

For a more downtown feel-Attaboy (not to be confused with the restaurant Atoboy), Garfunkel’s, Employees Only, Midnights or one of The Garret bars (3 locations). For a cool, divey feel but great cocktails–Holiday Cocktail Lounge.

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Excellent, thank you all, delving into it now. No one is taking any reservations that I can see (online anyway), so I’ll start calling. Heard a lot about Marea, might have to do that

Love this place, but it’s been impossible to get into (pre-pandemic) and I see a lot of issues as a group of five.

I’d go for a walk on the High Line and finish it off with a visit to the Whitney Museum. Get tix for the Little Island thing as well.

However the restaurant Atoboy is a great choice and the first thing that came to mind when I started reading the thread.

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Yes, I heard that recently as well. Have you been to Noreetuh? If not, you might be surprised.


I’m spending most of the summer away from the city, so haven’t had a chance to check it out yet. Ben hearing good things though. It’s on the shortlist of places to check out soon.

I’d probably check out Hudson yards. Lots of restaurants from moderate little Spain and up there. Vessel and the edge are open. You can see the latest subway stop and hit the high line to little island. Always lots to do in meat packing/west village. Near your location in Hell’s Kitchen is Kochi, course Korean. Not near you, classics like Balthazar’s and Dirty French. Lots of bars on 9th and 10th aves. There is b-side for pizza and byo. I haven’t been but ppl mention it. Lots of Thai spots in Hell’s Kitchen. Pure Thai is pretty good. Lots of others in that areas along with empanadas at empanada mamas and pio pio for Peruvian chicken. Aka not fancy, near by. Also los tacos no. 2, juniors cheesecake, Carnegie deli all a bit touristy, are around that part of town. for wine lists maybe Aldo Somms wine bar.

noreetuh is awesome you can BYO with corkage but they have a good wine list too.

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Definitely try to catch a session at an intimate jazz club in the West Village. Mezzrow is my favorite.

Then walk east towards Avenue A and 6th street to grab some amazing cocktails at Amor y Amargo’s new outpost.

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