Another Great 2009 Beaujolais

I’m in the grocery store in Champange to pick up a few things and find a row of 2009 Beaujolais staring at me. With nothing more than 8 Euros, I pick up a few bottles to try on a whim. Two were nice, but one (which happened to be the least expensive at 7 Euros) was really, really good.

Les Tours de Pierreux Brouilly (bottled by/at Chateau a Odenas)
Full of rich, big, and dark flavors with blackberry and dark cherry leading the way. This has a good dose of spice and some tannin, but always remains smooth and has a building acidity that shows its strongest on the finish. Blind, based on the palate and nose, I would easily guess a very solid village-level or lower end premier cru Burgundy. What would throw me is the color which is quite dark. Overall, a wine to remind me that inexpensive wine finds do still exist. No clue if this is available in the US or not.

Off topic, but I couldn’t believe the cheap prices in retail shops in Reims. Stuff like 95 Henriot Enchanteleurs for 65 Euros. If I wasn’t driving back to Paris that night, I’d have bought a couple bottles just to drink at a local restaurant.

So one bottle of Bojo was 7 Euros and the other 2 were less than 1 combined?


Yeah, some great prices in Champagne - at the shops and the producers. Right now there is 96 Lanson for 25 Euros; 96 Henriot is still around 30 Euros. The 95 and 96 Henriot Enchanteleurs are 65 and 59 Euros each. Throw in some visits to the growers and you are in heaven.

The Beaujolais were each at or below 8 Euros. They totaled 23 Euros in all with (2) being 8 each and (1) being 7 - I should have been more clear.