Another flavored vodka I wouldn't recommend

There are so many crappy ridiculous vodka flavors out there (whipped cream, cake, chocolat razberi… oy), but I was actually eager to try Cathead Vodka’s new honeysuckle vodka. They’re from Mississippi and make a solid regular vodka. But this? Yow. Not good. Anyone else out there plan on trying it? Very curious to see who actually likes the product - it’s the very first spirit I’ve given the rating of “avoid” to (even the strangely nasty SoCo Pepper (w Tabasco) earned a notch above that!).

Full notes: Cathead Honeysuckle Vodka: Tasting Notes – Thirsty South

Flavored… vodka??


Flavored vodkas go back a long way - pepper, buffalo grass, aquavit, gin . . .

That siad, the recent wave is disgusting. That goodness it wasn’t cat head flavored

Let me say… I rarely drink vodka (order of preference: rye, bourbon, Scotch, TN whiskey, old tom gin, gin, about ten other things, vodka). I even more rarely (if ever) drink flavored vodkas. But, being a good Southern boy, I was hoping Cathead Honeysuckle Vodka would be good.

Vodka sucks. Nearly useless.

But for Bloody Marys, entirely useless.

Couldn’t agree more.


This can’t be good right?

I get nauseated just thinking about drinking this ^ “cocktail.”

That and some Creme de Cacao, and you have a reese’s cup! [barf.gif]

Uh, Linda, I think Michael was referring to the phonetic sound of the name…

Vodka martinis on Friday afternoons rock

Martinis are made with Gin you heathen, [soap.gif]


He said vodka martini, so that is acceptable. I think a dirty vodka martini ice cold can be pretty nice. Also, a properly made lemon drop martini can be nice. I don’t understand why you’d use flavored vodka for anything. Is it that hard to buy a piece of fruit?

A martini is made with gin, vermouth, and orange bitters (optional). Olive(s) or lemon twist garnish. Nothing more, nothing less.

Vodka in a martini glass is no more a martini than Burgundy served in a Bordeaux glass is Bordeaux!

I once nearly broke my TV by throwing a beer bottle at it as Andrea Immer made what our grandmothers would have called a Grasshopper (with Creme de Menthe and heavy cream!), poured it into an up glass and pronounced it to be a “Mint-tini!”…

[swearing.gif] [swearing.gif] [swearing.gif]

You forgot the white creme de cacao.

Pie crusts. It’s good for pie crusts.

Do people actually drink the stuff?