Another Flannery PSA

There are some outrageous caps on those beauties.

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Yeah, I got a bumper crop of rib cap in this order!

I should have been unpacking a similar looking package two days ago. Instead, the package tracker suggests my Flannery order has been riding around Boise in the back of a truck for the past 2+ days. :rage:

Hope you let Flannerys know right away - they’ve always come to the rescue

I’ve sent an email. They close at 4pm Pacific on Friday for the duration of the weekend, so no way to contact them yesterday before I was sure the shipment wasn’t going to arrive.

Ugh, I overlooked this.

I’m guessing there are a few steaks that will arrive on my doorstep tomorrow sometime. I’d be happy to ship them to you. Cheap.

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If you think of it as extended aging, you’re coming out ahead.

Or wind up sick as a dog

I’m willing to allow Todd to take that risk.

Bummer for you. The shipping company dropped it off at Flannery’s warehouse yesterday (after the driver telling them they didn’t have the box, lol).

I didn’t get any email but I called Flannery to see if there were any Father’s Day

There is for hangers and porterhouse steaks.

DAD2024 is the code.

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Doesn’t work today.