Another Crazy Idea From Guess Who - calling Brad Kane, The Count, The Professor and others

We should put together a photo history of Wineberserkers in book form. Making a photo book is shockingly cheap from Costco and other similar sources. Brad, Mikhail and Ken are always sporting their cameras and I have thousands of Berserker-related photos, from Berserkerfest 2.5 to Adam Lee wearing The Helmet to the MacDonald vineyard we so love. Just a thought. And then we have the compromising photos, like Todd eating chocolate-dipped bacon to Jay Miller’s face after drinking Pax to Pobega in a Venetian Comedy mask. There is always the proper use of Alcina with a bad cork - pouring it on the hot coals to put them out when the tailgate is over.

AND then there’s the real star of the group - Brad Trent - whose world class photo work puts the rest of us to shame. Perhaps we can pry a photo or two out of him for the front cover. If you are not familiar with his photos, Google him.

I’m not volunteering to take the lead on this, but if someone else is, I would be happy to sort through my photos and apply the skills I learned as an old fart auditor of a class in digital photography for photo majors at SUNY Purchase to clean up some of my own work.