Another Bern's dead soldier post

Lovely wines from tricky years. The Groffier was truly incredible. The Jadot Musigny was tough and definitely could have used a few more years. The Chambertin was good but I was expecting more.


Can’t see the photo. Would you mind PMing me a little about the experience?

I’d love a little idea of what I can expect price wise for a pending trip there in February.

I have no guilt about the Groffier. It was beautiful. The Musigny was infanticide. It was delicious but I want to revisit it in 10 years.

The Mugneret '94 Ruchottes transcends the '94 vintage, IMO…and will surprise vintage snobs.

I am not a fan of infanticide…nor is that what I look for at Bern’s…though. I’m surprised they suggested that to you if it was “infanticide”, as you say.