Another 50% Off PA State Store!

Saw there was another 50% off for select wines at the PA monopoly store! It seems this time around the more premium wines are on sale. I got a couple of Brunello’s (I heard great things about the 2015 Casanova di Neri), Pinot’s, and a 2017 Chateau D’Issan Margaux since a previous WB shared a visit to the chateau.



Grabbed a mixed case of Bdx but left some for others, insane deals.

Some prices:

2016 Mouton $499 4 left
2016 Cheval $449 5 left
2016 Haut Brion $399 4 left
2016 Margaux $399 (sold out now)
2018 Palmer $225 (sorry, took them all)
2008 Clos de Goisses Magnum $275 (sold out now)
2016 Yquem $275 (750 ml bottle) (sold out)
2016 Jadot Beze $209 (sold out)

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Those are some great finds! I also saw they had a Clerc-Milon, Montrose, and a Pavie at some locations.

Most of their 2017 Bordeaux is available via online order for ~ 50% off.

and the remaining 2015-2016 bdx.

I’ve been waiting for that 2018 palmer to go on sale for awhile.

Thanks. I bit on a few 16 BDX. Crossing my fingers that the PA state system has treated these bottles reasonably well in their custody.

I haven’t had a problem with the many bottles I’ve bought.

Good to hear. I occasionally buy from the PLCB stores and haven’t had a problem yet, but usually stick to freshly released stuff. A bunch of ‘08 Produttori Rabaja I bought 8 yrs ago from them has been drinking totally fine.

The 2016 Bordeaux looks to be the best deals. My mother-in-law lives in PA, how strict are they if I order/pay, and have the shipment go to my MIL? I’m in MA.

I think it’s fine as long as you’re shipping in PA. You could also have it shipped to a state store near their house if that’s more convenient.

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If you do add your mother as an authorized recipient.

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Looks like you animals bought all remaining 2016 Bdx that was available via online only.

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by the time i posted it, there were less than 8 bottles left of the 16 bdx.

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I’d actually considered buying a bunch of these 16s lately so it was pretty much a no brainer.

I was one of the buyers when I saw the post. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

Picked up the following:
1x Mouton
2x Haut Brion
2x Angelus

Are you also near Pittsburgh? I’m just north of Lawrenceville.

Yeah we are in the Pittsburgh area, gonna set up for offlines at some point.