ANONYMOUS POLL - What were your sales on BerserkerDay 10???


Great points that I echo as well. I’m really hoping that many of these wineries actually end up staying around here throughout the year and taking part in discussions. I just don’t ‘get’ the comment that winemakers are ‘too busy’ to be on here much - you have to spend your free time doing something, and if they ‘benefit’ from being on here one day a year, the least the can do is take part at other times as well.

As far as when offers are posted, though, I do see Todd’s logic - the ‘challenge’ is with more and more offers being allowed, there’s become almost too much ‘clutter’ to stand out from the crowd.

As usual, YMMV . . .


Good feedback.

There were about the same number of offers the last 2 two years (91 & 95)

The few years before that there were 101 and 118

Traffic was WAY up this year

Offers come and offers go.

Thank you for the opportunity once again, I feel honored to be part of this very cool event.

Due to the fact my offering of cellar oldies is radically different each year, my purchasing data does not reveal much in terms of satisfied clients returning; there were several, but overwhelmingly I had new buyers this time.

Thanks for the numbers, Brig - that certainly puts things into perspective.


Which I think was your goal, correct? You were trying to “spread the wealth”?

Offers like yours are what makes BD so cool, IMHO. It complements all the daily drinkers, discounts on expensive wines, food from Spain, wine glasses, micro coffee, steak, etc.

Agree with your points, Todd. And at least a later launch time this year meant I got to sleep in later :slight_smile:

GCC status aside, I can see a point about perhaps setting launch times earlier for those who participate on WB more regularly vs. those who don’t, but it’s tough to see just how that would work in a fair way, so it may be better (and certainly easier) to leave things as is.

The traffic number helped us for sure as I think we had about 40% new customers.

Wow, that’s fantastic, Steve!

Several have experienced a huge number of new customers, and that’s the most valuable customer of all, obviously!

Still about 36 votes to go, folks!!! :slight_smile:

23 more votes!!!

13 more votes!!