Annoyed with Wally's Wine World

I’ve only ordered from Wally’s twice and both times there was a mistake with my orders. This time, I saw they had the 2016 Brunelli Brunello Reserve at a good price so I jumped on it. Well, first problem, it arrived without a notice from FedEx. So it just showed up. I hate when I don’t get a tracking number. I open the box and they substituted the 2015 for the 2016. When I called, they said they were out of stock on the 2016. So I’m sending it back. Too much money for the 2015 and just because why are they substituting vintages. Just annoyed.

In my experience, Wally’s is awful. Horrible, non-responsive customer service. Massive inventory management problems where things are randomly out of stock, inexplicably “missing,” etc. Very disorganized system for ordering and coordinating delivery/pickup of futures orders. User-unfriendly website with a particularly poor system for allowing tracking of one’s unfilled orders. The pricing also generally is higher than available elsewhere in LA (e.g., at K&L, Wine House, WHWC, etc.) or nationally, often ridiculously so (the higher prices certainly aren’t being used to fund better customer service or website infrastructure). With the exception of a few bargains in the 2016-2017 era of the tent sales, I have had only unpleasant experiences with Wally’s and have a firm policy of never buying wine from them again.


It’s amazing how they survive.

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Count me, too, as not a fan. About once every couple years I’ll walk in and browse around; historically, for the most part, that results in two hours of me walking the entire store, constantly rolling my eyes at the laughable prices. But, now, you can’t even do that anymore, as they closed their shop to in-person browsing (pre-pandemic). But they do carry an impressive selection of blue chip bottles, and they are located in a part of town where money is no object to many, so – somehow – it works for them.

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they survive cause selling wine on their website is really a secondary business now. Their “stores” are now wine bars/restaurants that get a TON of business.

Additionally, Wally’s shifted focus from being a traditional retailer after the Marciano brothers and Navarro bought out Steve Wallace. Wallace always catered to business/entertainment/high rollers, but the new ownership does so even more so, plus the restaurant focus as Charlie mentioned.

I was once told a story that Dwyane Wade was coming in and he wanted to order an older La Tache on the menu but wanted the private room. But it was just him and a friend.

Wally’s had already booked Drake for that room for later that night, so they asked Wade if he’d be okay finishing up in 90 minutes.

Apparently he did. Then drake came in and just drank Pinot Grigio all night

Wally’s is weird because their prices are usually absurd but sometimes they’re really good. I bought a bit of older premier and grand cru PYCM there for at least 20% less than us low, and have found a few other things there.

I’ve been confirmed on a purchase tjere onlt to have it “lost” later. Suspect a big wig wanted the wine. Multiple negative experiences there.

Yes, terrible place. The last time I bought from them, the wine was clearly poorly stored. It wasn’t expensive, so I did not want the hassle of returning. That was my last purchase, a number of years back, but I still get their emails unfortunately.

I called to confirm they actually had the bottles on the shelf. Took all but two bottles. When it can time to ship they didn’t have my wine. Nor was I informed prior to me calling to ship. The wine was a 2001 Rene Engel Vosne Romanee. They ended up on Charlie Birds wine list even though I paid for them.

I’m not the least surprised. I buy there only if I’m holding the bottle and even then rarely. Too many experiences like yours.

Reading though this thread, I realize my situation may not be uncommon. I purchased 6 bottles from Wally’s in early April of this year. They listed these as futures. I am trying to get an update on the order as it is my last outstanding 2018 order.

Over the last 2 weeks I’ve called their customer service number and left 4 voicemails. I have also emailed 3 times. I have received no response whatsoever. I don’t really even care if the order is shipping soon, I just want some confirmation that it is still in their books. I don’t want to start a card dispute because I want the wine but at some point, I may have to cut my losses.

Does anybody have a way of successfully contacting Wally’s?

Update: I called the same phone number expecting the same result (ring ring ring straight to voicemail) but instead spoke with a person right away. She was quite helpful and was able to look in a second system that my order has arrived in port and said I should expect a few more weeks until it is ready to ship.

The only difference on my end was calling a little earlier in the day (just after 10 pacific).