Anne Gros Clos Vougeot 2005

Nose: slight

Body: medium

Taste: so-so-as before(see old Parker site)

Aftertaste: very little


I like her CV in general but IMO considering the Producer and Vintage a miss.

Had the 03 two nites ago and it was great.

Strange that the 2003 would be a better wine than the 2005. I might expect the '03 to be more flattering and forward today, but it would surprise me greatly to hear the '03 is a better wine overall.


Had 3 now since release all about the same.

Really enjoy her wines but have never had her Clos V. Must rectify.

interesting, a wine Tanzer really liked. Too young for me to try and I only have a couple, so I will wait. My guess is that it is closed.

I’ve had the 05 and I thought it was stunning. A little over a year ago.


It sure sounds like the wine is shut down for its renaissance as a potential beauty…

7-8 years of age is a major stay away phase for grand crus from a serious vintage. Glad someone is willing to try them, but it’s pretty predictable that they will be closed tight. Hope you have some left. I would have wondered about starting to try them at 15 yrs or so, expecting 20 years might start to be about right.