Animal Farm Butter For Sale

Expensive yes but it’s the best butter I’ve ever tasted! I’ve never seen it for sale before.

bought it from her once for $14/lb but shipping costs were huge! Great butter. I hold the Per Se record for singlehandedly eating three tubs of it during lunch. At least, that’s what the server told me.

Couldn’t resist and bought 1lb


Diane sold it to me after I begged years ago–got about 4 lbs at $14/lb plus $45 for shipping–it’s like amazing cheese. Great, great butter. She had only 3 cows at that time–wonder how big her production is now–it all went to FL and Per Se, had to beg to get a bit.

It comes to $77/lb.??? Gotta pass on this one. $49/lb. and $28 shipping. I was hoping that maybe I could get the unit cost down to a more reasonable number by ordering more, but it would only allow me to add 1 lb. to my basket. I’ll just have to live vicariously through you guys.

$77/LB for butter … LOL `

At that price, a meal at PS or TFL looks like a pretty attractive option.

we should just do what Alan did, pay the $250 or whatever for the meal and eat a lb of butter. So in reality the meal is really only $175 or so

I’m visualizing the guy from “Monty Python’s - The Meaning of Life”

“Bring me more butter…and a bucket!”

I do remember a meal about 15 years back at Old Country Buffet…An older lady at a nearby table was filling her purse.

Maybe I could bring a refrigerated man bag to French Laundry.

hahaa no thanks

Tempting to drive up to the Middlebury Food Coop…

I happen to really like the Vermont Creamery Cultured butter - $10/lb in the logs… $10/ half lb in the baskets with sea salt.

Any other suggestions for great butter for less than $77/lb

Cultured is the key. Sweet cream butter will never have as much flavor as cultured.

Organic Valley and Vermont Creamery are the only cultured butters I can buy locally; of the two, I prefer Vermont Creamery.

But it’s easy enough to make your own cultured butter: -or- Homemade Cultured Butter Recipe - Savory Simple

Replace old country buffet with souplantation and older lady with my wife and that’s my life

Wow, churning butter in my Manhattan apartment… That would be a stretch. I do like the pictures on the animal Farm website of St Claire petting her cows…

I buy the Vermont cultured butter in the basket for $7.95at Sahadis in Brooklyn
$49.00 a pound for butter is silly.

According to the NYT article I linked, Marlow & Daughters in Brooklyn makes and sells cultured butter, $13/lb.:

That cute little basket is 6 oz. A basket at $7.95 works out to $21.60/lb. The 1 lb. log is $13.23 on Amazon, a better deal if you have Prime/free shipping.

Don’t need a churn. A mixer works fine. I have been thinking of doing this for a few months, but just made my first batch last night. Easy to do with a mixer. Hopefully I got all of the buttermilk out,