Andy Stumpf wine reviews

Andy Stumpf on Instagram: "Cleared Hot Wine Review # 4: Wine: Mirval Cotes De Provence-Rose . Cost: $21.99 . Clarity: As you can see from the picture, this wine looks like piss after you have worked a full day in the oil fields but forgot to bring any water to drink. It’s clear enough I suppose. . Color: dehydrated piss . Nose: Type ll diabetes . Complexity: This wine is simple. It bites like a two year old getting their first teeth, and doesn’t get better from there. . Finish: This wine is about as smooth as “special alone time” with a fist full of glass shards that have been dipped in acid and somehow heated to match the temperature of the sun. I know of no other way to describe it. . Pairings: The garbage can . Enjoy your weekend. You will enjoy it more if you don’t drink this wine." Check out this wine review from @andystumpf212 on instagram. He is not wine guy but his reviews are priceless and good for a laugh. For his podcasts check out Cleared-Hot podcast I do not know Andy or ever met him but I enjoy his podcast as most Veterans, Skydivers and hunters would. Enjoy.