Anderson Conn Valley right bank 2007

For those that have already opened their bottles is it drinkable now or does it need a couple years?


Welcome Matt
I tried this for the first time a couple weeks ago, it had been opened approx 3 hours and was drinking really well. It can probably use more time or at least a couple hours in a decanter if you must try one now.

I had my last 1994 ACV a couple of months back, and it was drinking beautifully! A real treat. My vote would go to cellaring your 07 for about 10 more years

I had a bottle a couple of months ago. To me, when I tasted it from barrel and again this last time, I got the sense of a young Pavie (almost the same varietal blend). I think at this stage it needs a good six hours of decant time in a captain’s decanter. For my tastes, this is one of the better 2007 Napa wines that I have had. No doubt that it will age effortlessly for a decade, but I am a know baby killer…so they won’t last anywhere near that long in my house.

I brought one to a tasting back in March. Here are my notes for what they are worth.

Splash decanted, then right back into the bottle the night before bringing to the tasting. All in all, around 16 hours air exposure before uncorking again. Showed pretty much the same at the tasting as it did the night before, with everything a bit more integrated. Loads of red and black berries, tar, tobacco, pepper, and olives. Sooooo young, but sooooo tasty.

I agree with Bill, one of the better Napa wines I have come across recently and the great thing is that it doesn’t break the bank in case you do decide to pop it now and want to replace it.

Thanks guys for your advice. I will hold onto it but at the price point I am getting itchy to open it.