An interesting rose champagne: NV LARMANDIER- BERNIER ROSE de SAIGNEE 1ER CRU

Here I am, on the Pacific side of a southern part of Mexico [Zihuatanejo], sipping my annual intake of tequila and chugging pony sized [cuartitos] Coronas and writing up recent wine tasting notes. Is this a dichotomy or what?

I should state that I brought some great champagne to celebrate a special birthday, so it`s not 100% that diverse from the norm.

On a lark, I bought a couple bottles of this rose since I`m always on the lookout for adding another rose to my stash at home which includes anywhere from 6-10 different ones at any one time. As advertised in an email from Envoyer, this had curb appeal and I like the signee method, so I went for it.

NV LARMANDIER- BERNIER ROSE de SAIGNEE 1ER CRU- some research indicates this is 100% Pinot Noir from the 2014 vintage sourced from what is arguably the oldest Pinot Noir vineyard in Vertus; it is made from an extended maceration, naturally fermented, raised in Mombot concrete egg and partly in stainless steel; it was disgorged December, 2016 with a dosage of 3 gr/l.

Tasting notes: the Saignee method gives rise to the remarkable pinkish-red colour that eeks through the frosted glass bottle; its got such a different “rose” taste profile with mild hints of cinnamon, spice, cola and more especially clove to accent bing cherry, red cherry and even some rhubarb which I rarely experience in a rose; on the palate, it had just a little bite to it and it had a somewhat medicinal character; this is a different breed of cat and Im not sure what I think about it, but I have another bottle to re-visit later on and decide. Meanwhile, I`ll continue to enjoy roses from Ruinrt, Charles Heidsieck, Billecart-Salmon, Moet & Chandon, Krug [on this trip], Laurent-Perrier, Moutard, Bollinger and Jose Dhondt.