An interesting AI/wine question

“Maybe it’s already happening.”

Who would your suspects be?


I asked Chat GPT to tell me about Falernum wine in Latin. Could potentially put the Ancient Wine Guys out of business…

Falernum est vinum antiquitatis celeberrimum, quod in regione Campaniae Italiae circa urbem Romanam Falernum productum est. Vinum notum erat pro eius altissima qualitate et magni aestimatum erat ab Romanis, qui eum inter vina optima mundi numerabant.

"Falernum vinum ex vitibus Aglianico, quae adhuc eadem regione coluntur, productum est. Vites in monte Falerno expositae cultaeque erant ab agricolis localibus. Vinum ex traditonalibus rationibus confectum est, quae includunt vitium in dolia magna ex argilla conlocandum et vinum in dolis ex quercu vetusta maturandum.

Vinum a poeta Romano antiquo Horatio “regina omnium vinorum” appellatum est. Vinum propter colorem rubrum profundum, odorem aromaticum plenum et saporem complexum, qui notis fructuum obscurorum, condimentorum terraeque et fumi sapientiae mixtus erat, notum erat.

Falernum vinum saepissime in conviviis Romanis apponendum erat et in medium ponebatur ut indicium status inter divites potentiamque. Vinum etiam exportatum erat ad partes Imperii Romani, Graeciam, Aegyptum Hispaniamque inclusae.

Hodie, Falernum vinum iam non commerciale est productum, sed Aglianico adhuc colitur in regione Campaniae et aliis vinis bonis conficiendis utitur. Falerni legatum vitis antiquae Romanae culturae et artem vinificandi significat."

This is from chat gpt, not me, obviously for those of you who follow my TNs.

Tasting Note: 2019 Château Montrose

Vintage: 2019
Wine: Château Montrose
Appellation: Saint-Estèphe, Bordeaux, France

The 2019 Château Montrose presents itself with a deep, intense garnet color that catches the eye. Its concentration is evident from the core to the rim, promising a wine of great depth and richness.

On the nose, this vintage reveals an enticing bouquet that combines power and finesse. Initially, aromas of blackcurrants and ripe blackberries dominate, accompanied by a touch of blueberry. As the wine breathes, subtle notes of cedar, tobacco, and graphite emerge, adding layers of complexity. Hints of violets and crushed herbs lend an elegant floral character to the aromatic profile.

The first sip of Château Montrose 2019 confirms its exceptional quality. This wine possesses an impressive structure and remarkable depth. The palate is filled with a symphony of dark fruit flavors, with blackberries, black cherries, and cassis taking the lead. The fruit is beautifully complemented by well-integrated oak, offering nuances of vanilla, cedar, and a touch of spice. Velvety tannins provide a solid backbone, lending both texture and balance to the wine.

The finish of the 2019 Château Montrose is incredibly long and persistent, leaving an enduring impression. As the flavors slowly fade, they give way to a delightful minerality that reflects the unique terroir of Saint-Estèphe. This wine has a promising future ahead, with its structure and balance suggesting it will continue to evolve and develop with time.

The 2019 Château Montrose is a wine of exceptional quality, showcasing the prowess of this esteemed estate in Saint-Estèphe. It combines power, elegance, and complexity in a harmonious blend. This vintage has all the characteristics of a great Bordeaux, with its intense fruit, refined tannins, and a long, memorable finish. While enjoyable now, it has the potential to age gracefully for many years, rewarding those who choose to cellar it.