An excellent Garnacha

Last summer while in Europe I was tasked with bringing wine to a bbq dinner that included a bunch of meats. My assumption was that a C9dP or Rhône would be an excellent choice. Fortunately I was able to get informed advice, a rarity these days, and the retailer suggested an excellent wine that is similar in style to something like Rayas. A year later I managed to buy 11 bottles just up the street for $27 pb.

2014 Daniel Gómez Jiménez-Landi, Las Uvas de la Ira, Méntrida, Spain.
Close to Toledo as far as I can tell. 60 year old vines in granitic soils.

Translucent color, does have the Grenache viscosity, but is altogether excellent. ABV is stated at 14.5%. Aromas start out lightly spicy followed by an earthy almost PN funk element. Red berries dominate: cherries, red raspberries, red currants and are echoed on the palate. As mentioned this wine does have noticeable viscosity on the palate (AFWE :warning: I suppose), but is nevertheless delicious and very drinkable.
Very happy to have more for casual drinking and I hope I’ll be able to find some of the better bottles as well. This is the entry level Garnacha as far as I know. There are other more syrah dominant wines which are cheaper, might be worth a try as well.