An embarrassment of riches. A power tasting of 2014's with Mike Smith

We were in Napa this past weekend for all of about 24 hours but were lucky enough to catch a bit of good luck and timing. We were able to meet Mike at Envy wines just as he was finishing final preparations to bottle all of his 2014 wines. He had a bit of time and kindly agreed to a power tasting of some of his 14’s from tank. Quite a way to kick off the day at 10am !

This was a bit of speed tasting so no notes only some general impressions. Mike was extremely generous and it was very difficult to spit a good bit of what he poured but it was a lot of fun. In general Mike is real happy with the 14’s and in most cases you’ll want to drink these before the 13’s.

2014 Myriad Napa- for some reason i had gotten away from getting the regular Napa so was very happy to start here. The 14 is as good as or better than any regular Napa that I’ve had( all but 13). It has upfront dark fruit along with a great savory note and a bit of an earthy, herbal finish. The tannin and structure are there but it’s very approachable now and has the depth and pedigree to compete with many higher priced wines. A terrific qpr for Napa cab. Not sure there is a better one under $75. very good to excellent

2014 Myriad Dr Crane Elysian- ok, from the lead off in the line up right to the clean up batter. Wow, this is dark red and black fruit with some liquid stone mixed in. Plush but no way heavy, it’s fine grained and has layers that unfold with a long finish. This is a serious wine but drinking so good right now. Home run and hits the extraordinary level for me.

2014 Myriad G3- this is the bruiser in the bunch and the most tannic wine of Mike’s line up. Huge fruit with mouth coating tannins. This big boy will need a few years and those that love big Napa cab are going to love this. Very good to excellent

2014 Carter To-kalon Grand Daddy- another large scaled wine, this has serious black fruit and tobacco with sweet tannin and a long finish. Give this a few years for sure. This is To-kalon that hits you up and says take notice. Excellent

2014 Carter To-kalon Three Kings - Great story about the 3 kings, a very different wine than the GD. This has more red fruit and earthy cassis with a long fine finish. It’s classy and elegant and makes you think a bit more. My favorite of the 2 Carters tried. Outstanding.

2014 Quivet Las Piedras- whoa, another dark fruit and liquid mineral wine. Reminded me of the Elysian in that it was plush but not heavy with a fine mouth coating finish that had layer upon layer of Cab goodness. Extraordinary !

What is really crazy about all these wines is how good they were from tank. I can only imagine what they will be like in about a year. Congrats to Mike and Leah on a great line up and if your on the mailing lists for these wines you will be very happy.


Thank for the notes Fred, and to think these had been racked to the tanks only a day prior. Think what they will be like after they settle back down. I prodded Leah to have you all stop by when you were tasting down the road from me over in the RRV.

Great notes, Fred! Sounds like your brief time in Napa was well spent.

If I ever make it out to Napa, Mike and Roy will be the first ones to visit!

Brian- I didn’t realize we were so close. We’ll look you up on the next trip . This one was a whirlwind.

I’m sure you’ve been but The Chalkboard was fantastic. Did you see my write up on the West of the Wines festival ?

Sheri- thanks, it was a great quick little trip.

Great tasting notes on these wines…especially in light of the upcoming Myriad Cabernet release this summer. Plus I’m in the process of emptying my wallet into some of the Carter box sets, so your notes on the Carter wines are encouraging as well. Very much appreciated!

Thanks Chris. I figured it was pretty timely with everything ready to go to bottle. I’m sure Mike is having a beer this weekend or something stronger :slight_smile:

Like Fred, I was lucky enough to try the 2014 Carter lineup. TNs can be found at Cellar Tracker or at Berserkers “What Mike Smith wine are you drinking.”

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Post edited. Thanks Brian. Sorry about that!

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Fred- Thank you so much for taking the time and sharing your notes and experiences with the board.

I look forward to running through the Envy line some point soon!

John- thanks and welcome to the board. One note of clarification, Mike makes his wines at Envy but is not actually the winemaker for Envy wines. If you get the chance to visit with Mike it is not to be missed.

The 14’s are out on release now.


Sorry to read EMH was powered out. My 2014 lineup is showing extremely well. Sorry to have missed you.

Tasted with Mike last Tuesday… Myriad and Quivet cabs. Can’t wait until they arrive this Fall!!!

Nice to meet you Bud and enjoyed tasting the wines with a fellow Beserker. I thought the wines were showing extremely well,

Mike sent me a text Monday night saying you all would be there the next day. Problem was I read the text Tuesday AM so dummy me showed up at Noon on Wednesday. Mike was like, “What are you doing here?” newhere

Lucky for me he was racking the '14 Syrahs for bottling today so I got an advance look. Sorry to have missed you folks. See you Thursday Bud!

Hey Merrill,
This wasn’t our typical trip. We were in St Helena for only a day so we didn’t focus on tastings. Not sure we’ll make it this fall. A lot going on back in Tampa.