An eclectic early evening meal

Eclectic in the sense of using inputs from some other threads on WB. We had an early evening dinner al fresco on a nice, but quickly cooling fall day. There won’t be many more opportunities for dining comfortably outside around here.

I bought a couple of tins of fish to try - Ortiz Bonito Del Norte Tuna and Wild Plant skinless and boneless mackerel filets. I managed to late-harvest enough basil to make a half cup of pesto. I also had a few remaining garden tomatoes which I prepared simply cut up, drained and seasoned with salt, pepper, and EVOO. I sliced an Iggy’s baguette lengthwise and then in smaller pieces. Ready for dinner! At the last minute I had some prosciutto join the table. We drank a 2019 Luis Seabra Xisto Illimitado Branco with this humble feast. As dessert, we each had a small bowl of Van Leeuwyns Honeycomb ice cream.

For a few moments, all was well with the world.

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I haven’t had the 2019, but I’ve really liked that wine with seafood in other vintages, Jim.

Looks delicious!

reminiscent of a Dick Kreuger post.

Uh . . . Thanks ?

he used to post almost nightly of a meal opening a can of something.

I took it as absolutely enjoying the moment Jim. To me that’s what made Dicks posts so effective and you captured that spirit here. Looks like a great evening [cheers.gif]

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I loved Dick’s posts. He had such a relaxed enjoyment of his meals that he delighted in sharing with us.

I was thinking about Dick and his posts earlier this week. That lead me, for the first time, to buy a jar of alfredo sauce (albeit Italian and refrigerated).

I always enjoyed his posts and made my way to Maria’s a few years back to have a margarita in his memory. RIP Dick.