An apple thread

occasioned by my interest in Envy, a fairly new cross between Royal Gala and Braeburn, I enjoy this apple as much as Honeycrisp. Can’t find heirloom apples where I am–S. Cal, but this is a delicious apple.

interesting article re future of apples:

I wish that heirloom apples were more available. I make a trip to local orchards in fall to fill my fridge for a couple of months. I have also planted 4 trees on my lawn, but haven’t quite mastered the spraying to protect against bugs and fungus. With pruning too, I have gained respect for how hard it is to grow apples, especially if you do it organically.

Winesap, the best apples have to offer IMO.

I think there are a couple of farms at the Santa Monica farmers market with some. I also believe there is a farm in Oak Glen where you can pick your own heirlooms.

Reine de Reinettes. I’ve never seen them in the US.
Otherwise, Honey Crisp

We can find a lot of heirloom apples here.

Currently enjoying one of my favorites- Arkansas Black. Had some Mutsu earlier in the Fall. We have an excellent orchard called Mercier that grows a bunch of different apples. I have at least one every day.

Honeycrisp is a Minnesota apple, so that is very popular here. I also like Zestar which is a hybrid of Honeycrisp. But this summer I had an apple that blew me away and it was a Connell Red/Fireside. Apparently, smaller Connell Reds don’t develop and taste all that good, so the taste/quality can be inconsistent but when you get a good one they are amazing IMO.


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Here is an article that details the development of the new apples:

I’ve been enjoying Ambrosias lately. Never had it before but has quickly become a favorite.

Elstar over here.

Heirloom russets from the local farmer market have been great.

That’s a great article. Thanks for sharing.


This is a pretty good reference for varities. My kids like Honeycrisp and Pink Lady, my wife Fuji and Gano [abundant in the VA Blue Ridge Mountains where she grew up] and local heirlooms are my preference.

Here is a link to a story in this mornings Mpls StarTribune about the UofM’s apple growing program

Macoun for me but season is short. I also like Honeycrisp.

This place would blow your mind:

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yes, indeed.

Even with the disappearance of many, many apple varieties, this is still something of a golden age of apple availibility, at least in my lifetime; there are just many more choices at stores today than when I grew up.

I’ve got to look for Envy; currently, I’m big on Honeycrisp. Pink Lady and SweeTango are also pretty good, but the latter are harder to find. A produce guy at my local Wegman’s said that they sell more Honeycrisp by far than any other fruit of vegetable.

I’m a big Stayman fan. Elso enjoy empires and the plain old golden delicious.

I had some Honeycrisp cider this fall and it was awful. They are definitely not good cider apples.