Amusing wine names

My brother sent me a photo of a bottle he drank tonight, a blend of barbera and zinfandel with a name that didn’t quite end up sounding right to my ear - the Lone Madrone Barfandel.

Or maybe it was meant to be humorous? I don’t know what the motive was. It’s a funny name either way.

Anyone have others to share? Of course, there is “Crapula” in Chuck Anderson’s avatar.

Ancestral home of this guy?

Of course, there is this legendary label:

Yeh, I wouldn’t want my wine associated with Barf. Maybe Barbandel would have been a better choice. [barf1.gif]

Not a wine but a shop in Germany:

Goats du Rhone

Goat do Roam
And Ghost do Roam (old Bogle wine), Cotes du Rosa, Coast du Rhone, etc…

There was a NZ SB called “Cat’s Pee on a Gooseberry Bush”. Unfortunately, no one around Louisiana knew what a Gooseberry tasted like, or Cat’s Pee (I hope).

In München, no less!

Sounds like it should be a great source for brett-bombs. Paging Alfert & Brunson!

Weingut Vols Wiltinger Schlangengraben Riesling

Beat me to it! The write-up sheet they included was hilarious.

Sonoma Beach [rofl.gif]


Can’t find a picture, but “Fourskins” was another winner.

Here you go:

Anus Wine.

Taken through the window of Racines, Paris in October, 2012
2012-10-05 15.15.51.jpg