Ammonia taste in egg noodles

I eat alot of asian soup noodle dishes. Its a genre I love. Over the years every so often I get a taste from the noodles in the soup that reminds me of ammonia. I hate ammonia and part of me thought maybe I was imagining thinngs. Well yesterday I was having some Hong Kong style noodle soup and once again I got an ammonia taste. I decided to figure out what it is and a quick search shows me that Im not imagining it and it is alkali in the noodles that causes this.

Anyone else have this experience?

No, but I’ve had Diet Coke with a TCA infection. Does that count?

Sorry but no.

I had a corked Eliah Craig Bourbon a few years ago.

Ammonia shows up in a variety of foods. Obviously old cheese (especially Stilton) can get pretty strong. And white mushrooms if you keep them too long can begin to smell like ammonia.

The oddest thing – around the world, people use other things for baking powder than we do. I think those Danish butter cookies that come in a tin, know what I mean? I think they are made with ammonium chloride as part of the baking powder, and you can get a definite whiff of ammonia while eating them. I think it blows off if you leave them out of the tin for a while.

Decant your cookies? [wow.gif]

Yup. part of the reason I don’t like egg noodles… instead i get flat, rice, or hand pulled noodles

I think so. Read comments

Maybe you should start a poll: “Do you believe that ammonia enhances the flavor of egg noodles?” (Cf. Does Brettanomyces help or hurt fine wine? (cultural analysis at post 25) - WINE TALK - WineBerserkers" onclick=";return false;)