American CdP

I realize CdP comes from a specific region in southern rhone which I am finding to be one of my favorite wines and can be made from 18 or so grapes. But the big 3 are Syrah, Grenache and Mourvèdre. I have had some good American syrahs and some good Mourvèdre from D&R. Can’t say I have had any Grenache that comes to mind. But do any American wineries attempt to make a GSM blend that tastes similar to a CdP? Or at least in the ballpark that are worth drinking? Nothing is really coming up in my google searches. Is this something that any Washington state wineries are doing? Any recommendations. Thank you!

I think if you search for Rhône Blends, you may get better results. There are loads of California wineries making them, though very few are trying to make CdP. Look to Ca central coast.

Thanks. After I sent this I realized I forgot about Saxum which has a 5 year waitlist. I was able to snag a broken stones at auction I haven’t tried yet. But maybe something more accessible? How about tablas creek or qupe? Worth a shot?

Jaffurs’ High Tide
Nicora GSM
Carlisle Two Acres

You may even like some predominantly Grenache options also from Jaffurs, Carlisle, Bedrock, Dirty and Rowdy.

Also look for blends from Enz Vineyard. Bedrock and Dirty and Rowdy offer some. The vineyard’s limestone qualities produce wines that are really close to a CdP flavor profile IMHO.

Herman Story also may have some options for you. They do CdP like blends as well.

Explore some Spanish wines. Many are Grenache based and can be excellent QPR’s.

CdP’s less expensive cousin is Gigondas. Lots of good values in that region. Might want to check these out too.

Search around for a bottle of Edmunds St. John Rocks & Gravel. The last vintage was 2015.

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Thanks guys. I have some bedrock resting but most is ‘19 so didn’t want to drink those yet other than the ovz and Cali Syrah. I’ll see if I can find these other recommendations.

I like the ESJ Rocks and Gravel. His wine that seemed the most like CdP to me was the Los Robles Viejos, sadly I think only made in a couple of vintages (2000 and 2001).


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Tablas Creek is co-owned by the family that owns Chateau de Beaucastel. Their blends are all Rhone blends and their top cuvee, Espirit de Tablas is “modeled consciously on the Chateau de Beaucastel” (their website) wines, which are CdPs.

In WA, Rotie and Gramercy are excellent and both have made GSM blends.

Esprit is good but I think En Gobelet may be better and more like CdP.

I haven’t had En Gobelet, so I’ll defer to your knowledge of how it tastes. It is interesting to see it contains tannat (admittedly in small quantitiy), which is not one of the CdP grapes, so if it reminds you more of CdP, it does so with a unique blend!

I hadn’t realized that some vintages had so much Tannat (25% as opposed to 5% in others). I can’t remember exactly which ones I’ve had but it has always been my favorite of the Tablas Creek wines.

Yeah, Steve’s blend changed several times over the years due to vineyard changes. Such is the life of a guy working with purchased fruit from unpopular grapes.

Thanks team. That’s what I love and my wallet hates about this place. 12 more wines to go find and buy. At least they aren’t Napa cab prices.

For WA give the following a try…

Betz Besoleil
K Vintners The Boy
K Vintners Charlotte
Owen Roe Sinister Hand
Force Majeur Parvata
B. Leighton Gratitude
Kevin White Fraternite

Won’t break bank either.

Bonny doon cigare volant, the original

^^^Excellent suggestions! We had the Two Acres last night and it was firing on all cylinders.

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For Grenache, try A Tribute to Grace and Birichino.

Huge fan of everything Booker produces. Oublie / Ripper / Fracture / Vertigo are all solid. They also release extend aged versions of all that are interesting to compare against.

I’ll throw my own wines into the mix here - love Rhones and produce about a dozen different wines each year. I’d say my wines are more in line with Tablas than others - more ‘old world’ in style with all older oak, lots of stem inclusion, extended barrel aging. I make 100% Grenaches, Syrahs, Mourvedres, Cinsault, Carignane, Petite Sirah and my Verbiage Rouge is definitely a ‘nod’ to CdP. I also make a Mourvedre Rose and now a Cinsault Rose, as well as a few others.

Not trying to ‘toot my horn’, but would love to share my wines and passion for CA Rhones with as many people as I can . . .