Amer Picon

One of the most delicious liqueurs ever, most cocktail folks know and revere this stuff. Though the Picon available in Europe is not quite the same as the original (proof has declined and there is a second, even more dilute product called Picon Biere, meant to be swirled into a lager), it’s still impossible to get in the US. I have made Jamie Boudreau’s facsimile and also used Torani Amer (shit) and Ramazotti and CioCiaro. Nothing even close.

Recently bought 6btl through The Whisky Exchange. With current GBP exchange rates, it was not bad. Maybe $80 intl shipping on 9 bottles (bought some vintage Pimms too…) and overall totally reasonable.

I’ve been making Picon Punches and Brooklyn’s all day since.

Just wanted to report out if there are any cocktilians out there…

Thanks, man! That does sound reasonable.
What do you think of Bigallet China China as a sub? I’ve not tried them side by side and it’s been forever since I had Amer Picon but Bigallet works really well in a Brooklyn. Maybe it’s thicker and more orangey than AP. IIRC, the bitterness is similar. It’s been too long to be sure though.

Never had it. Got the real stuff! :wink: