Amelia Island, Florida

I’ll be there in March. Anyone have restaurant recommendations?

I’ve had nice meals at Salt in the Ritz. It’s been a couple of years since I was last there and they have changed chefs since, but there aren’t a lot of choices for fine dining. They have this gimmicky thing they do with flavored salts to accent the dishes, but the food has been pretty good in the past. They also used to have a nice kitchen table experience, letting you basically wander around while they cook if you want. I don’t remember the number of courses but it was pretty extensive. I assume they still do this.

Yeah Joe, from what I can see there’s not a whole lot. It doesn’t have to be fine dining. I would be happy with place that does local food well.

+1 on Salt.

I would not recommend the Ritz, however. While the Ritz-Carlton bills itself as a 5-star resort, it falls short in many areas.

I went about 2 years ago. The rooms in the hotel were ok. The size was decent enough, as were the beds. However the decor looked dated and worn, like the place could have used a redecorating 5+ years ago.

The service was probably the best part of the hotel. The staff was unfailingly polite, if not “polished”.

The spa was very nice and HUGE. Still, my girlfriend’s pedicure was $150, which is obnoxious (the report was that it was a good pedicure, but by no means earth-shattering). All told, 3 spa treatments were nearly $600.

The property itself was just ok. The beach was nice, but no better than any of the dozen or so other beaches that I’ve been to in Florida. The pool area was nice, but extremely crowded. The hotel had a mish-mash of themes going on Southern colonial and nautical. It didn’t work well together.

Overall, it was not a bad experience, but it was a good distance from a 5-star experience.

29 South is really good.
Plae at the Plantation is pretty good as well.

And Chic-Fil-A.

Patrick, I had made a reservation at 29 South. Looked to be pretty good on line and I wasn’t getting a lot of feedback. Second night I might do Salt or Plae. I only have 2 nights than off to Savannah.

Beech Street Grill was very tasty when my wife and I were there about 5 years ago.