Amazing dinner and wines

Last week I posted a tongue-in-cheek description of a dinner with our Small Group. Well we actually got together last night at N’s house for the first time in over 4 months. N’s wife is a superstar home chef and she just knocked it out of the park.

We started out with some fun nibbles including pork rinds and caviar. Who would have come up with that idea other than S. It is an incredible paring with Krug.

We sat to fresh chilled watermelon/tomato gazpacho. Intensely flavored and refreshing.

Ah, the main course. S’s amped up take on Coq au Vin with 5 types of mushrooms. Plated on a bed of hedonistically enhanced mashed potatoes.

We ended with S’s home made S. Carolina peach cobbler (forgot to take a picture).

The wines:

1995 Krug en magnum - Not the 1996 but darn close. Deep unctuous palate. Krug power front to back. Very vinous. Still drinking great at end of evening. Thanks B.

2009 Roulot Meursault Narveaux - Developing real well. Still very fresh but displaying that classic Meursault richness. Thanks D.

2014 Vincent Dancer Chassagne-Montrachet Tete du Clos - Damn I love the 2014 whites and this one did not disappoint. Laser like nose, dare I say very Coche-like? Matchstick and lemon curd. Very long.

1990 Mugnier Chambolle-Musigny Les Fuees - Stunning wine from the start to finish. Drinking for sure at apogee. This bottle alone would have made the night. Thanks K.

2011 Cecile Tremblay Chappelle-Chambertin - 2011 is not my most favorite red vintage but the way her wines are crafted you cannot help but be enamored. Very complex nose. The palate not as interesting. I will finish it tonight.

1989 Vega-Sicilia Unico - Talk about a special wine. The previous burgs drove a very nice path to this wine. Round tannins and dense developed fruit palate. Heavenly nose. Thank you N.

It was really good to get the small group back together again.

That Mushroom Pan!

And, yes, the wines look good too :wink: I think '95 Krug is super underrated. Beautiful, beautiful evening. Even the earth moved that morning in anticipation…

[rofl.gif] Why yes it did? Did you feel it?

Slept right through :slight_smile:. Our bed in Asheville was a bit rickety anyway, so I think my body didn’t find anything off-putting… felt in the Triangle, though, as I woke up to a few funny texts!

Great post, K. :wink:

Awesome dinner and wines.

Nothing more to say other than +1.

That looks like a great night! Well done.