Amador: There goes the neighborhood

Time to identify the Yountville, Healdsburg, or St Helena of the foot hills.

Nope, Nate…don’t think so. The neighborhood will become even better. Ever since the SouthAmericans bought up Renwood,
the brand has sorta languished, even though they dumped in a ton of money.
KoernerRombauer used to love flying up to Amador and Amador has always been a big source of grapes for their Zin.
The Renwood brand name remains with the SA folks in is destined to only sink further into oblivion.

According to the WineSphincter:

Renwood was not founded by Robert Smerling. He just bought controlling interest in Renwood in that year. The brand was
founded by ScottHarvey yrs before when he was winemaker at Santino, a wnry founded in 1979 by Matt&Nancy Santino, who used to
own a retail shop in SanJose. When Matt died, Scott left Montevina and became her winemaker. He started the Renwood label in the mid-'80’s
and made some fantastic wines. He was the one who put GrandPere (the vnyd across the road, once owned by JohnDowning, that Scott & Terry bought.
Terry is now the sole owner) on the map. SitG Smerling ran Scott off and the Renwood brand was a goner at that point.
People like to use the name Rombauer as the punching bag for over-ripe/over-oaked/alcoholic/soft/buttery/full ML Chards. I defy any of you folks
around here to try the Rombauer Carneros Chard and characterize it as such. It’s a darned good Calif Chard.

FWIW, a new press release here on the future of the Renwood brand:
Pacific Highway Wines Sets New Renwood Plans in Motion