Am I drinking too much Champagne...?

…The trend continues today on Thanksgiving

It seems like almost every day I am finding new reasons to sip some Champers and new Champers to sip and some not Champagne at all…

A few from the last ten or so days.

NV JB Adam Cremat de Alsace Rose: Pinot Noir sparkler from Alsace… pretty cool. This wine was pretty salmon color, it was smooth and creamy with strawberry fruit and cream, fine bubbles and a full and delicious swallow. Definite repurchase.

2008 Lallier Grand Cru Brut: Really nice, classic, with hints of green apple, apple skin, white cherry, and red at the edges, hints of mineral, clay dust, bread… yum!

NV Mousse Fils Noire Reserve Bland de Noirs : Another great Champagne!. This is cool and different to me, as I am not used to the blend. I still like it plenty.The fruit seems cooler, and more toward the white tea spectrum. It is still crisp and inviting, but in a “thinner” way. I would try again.

NV Demière-Ansiot Champagne Grand Cru Brut Blanc de Blancs: Crisp apple, sweetish, in a great way, toast, hint of pear, hint of mineral dust. Lovely really. Wish I had more.

2011 Pehu Simonet Champagne Grand Cru Fins Lieux No 1 Verzenay Millésime: Delicious, full bodied, with red “thoughts” at the edges. Buy again for sure.

NV Billecart Salmon Rose: 4 bottles. This is so good. I love the light pink sapphire hue. This is crisp with light red fruit perceptions, and a lode car full of chalky, dusty, minerals! Hint of light toast bread, and a crisp snappy generous finish. Very consistent are the first four bottles!

NV Lambert de Seyssel Seyssel Petit Royale: This is a pretty Traditional Methode sparkler from Savoie. I don’t even know the grapes:70% Molette, 30% Altesse. This is Delicious and reminded me of Bulles from Merieoux in Touraine. Is is light and crisp with apple skin and white cherry perceptions. Very cool and refreshing. I will buy this again for sure.

2009 Meßmer Spätburgunder Rosé Sekt Brut: This is super good. It has a very dark pink rose color. It is full bodied, with bright red strawberry and cherry skin thought and aromas. There are iron and granite mineral perceptions, very full and zippy in the mouth. Definitely worth a flyer if you haven’t had one yet. I would buy again for sure.

NV Paul Clouet Grand Cru Brut Rose: This is a smashing bottle of rosé! Very bubbly, with sharp and delicious red fruit perceptions. Rose cream, tart strawberries, zippy… great Champagne. I love Bouzey…

Today I going big with Douquet 2004 and Dom Rose 2004.

Hope everyone has a terrific day.



I’ve been pretty impressed with my first few wines from Mousse. I normally lean more Blanc de Blancs if I’m choosing Blanc de Something, but those wines are in my wheelhouse.

The question of too much depends on if you are drinking these alone or not. Even then 12 bottles in 10 days… It’s doable.

Not possible. Can’t drink too much sparkling wine. And your list is great.

Doubt it. Ask Churchill.

All good.


Looks about right to me

Never. “Too much of anything is bad, but too much Champagne is just right.” Mark Twain

“Three be the things I shall never attain: Envy, content, and sufficient champagne.”- Dorothy Parker

I definitely want to try more.

Although I didn’t drink them alone… I agree it might be doable!
It is with my wife and daughter. The rule is, no refill until each finishes his glass. That way no-one gets skimped champagne.gif

Yes the Lion. Cigars and Champagne!!!

BTW the Dom 2004 Rose was a superstar.
The Duquet was a little oxidized, but I still liked it.

That was at breakfast.

(there was also a light whisky and soda going much of the time, and dinner would be claret followed by a glass or two of cognac. despite that, many claimed that he didn’t actually drink that much.)

As Rocco would say in Godfather II, it would be ‘difficult, not impossible’ to drink too much Champagne. We had the 2008 Roederer Rose’ over the weekend and it was delicious!


“Too much Champagne” is a contradiction in terms. “Not enough Champagne” covers just about everything else.

Honestly, I’m much more likely to wonder why I ever drink anything else :slight_smile: