Alternatives to Wine Market Journal

Canceled my subscription after I found I would need to increase my subscription to $600 a year to get access to all the pricing I needed. I was paying $250 and I use it sparingly. Are there alternatives?

not that i’m aware of. it’s a tough business, kind of. the underlying data is free and each house has an incentive to get it out there. WMJ has done a good job of aggregating it, but it’s tough to make a business out of it. also seems to be a lot of wrong data and, obviously, for more long-tail items it becomes less useful.

we’ve batted around the idea of doing something better, but i’m not that convinced there’s a big enough customer base. but admittedly, not done sufficient dd. i’m still curious.

I take it that the integration of that data into CT is too coarse-grained for your needs? The annual subscription is tough to maintain if your use is not regular enough to warrant it. If that is the case, have you reached out to inquire about use-based pricing? It can’t hurt to ask.


Unfortunately it is not a great site, difficult to navigate and user unfriendly. For instance, to price a vertical and using their itty bitty vintage bar, required a dexterity which I just don’t have.

I need it for around three weeks a year, but there is no monthly option for the most expensive one, which actually has the data I need. Wine Searcher and the Christie’s and Sotheby’s web sites are good enough for almost all my needs.

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can add HDH historicals to the mix as well.

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Hi Mark,

I’m a big fan of “Cellar Watch” by Vinous. All its data is from LivEx exchange in London. I don’t want to spend the big bucks to join LivEx. But the data here is really current. They teamed up with LivEx and came up with this product.

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