Alternatives to Cellarpro 3200 VSi

So, watching my passive cellar, which is about 425 cubic feet, I am able to keep the temperature right around 60.5 degrees. About 61 degrees at the door. I was goofing around a bit trying to see what would happen with ice. So i froze two 5 gallon buckets. The temperature dropped to about 58 degrees but the ice became water in 48 hours. There is no way i am changing out two 5 gallon buckets of ice every two days. But it was a fun week long experiment.

Well, basically this means i need to drop about 6 degrees, ideally. The room is very well insulated on most sides and ceiling and concrete thermally massed on three. I was trying to QPR a cooling unit for my 6 degree differential and found the Cellarpro 3200 VSi but i also have to buy the front duct cover kit, air filter and bottle probe [scratch.gif] not sure why on that, but it is about $2800 plus tax, shipping included. Unit alone was $2195 at wineracksamerica.

Looking for either better pricing on the Cellarpro or a different recomended unit.

Most other ideas are welcome. [wow.gif]

Since you don’t like older wines, I’d stay passive and save that cash and bother.

The temperature you have is a decent and at that point, stability is more important than lower temperature in the ‘short run’ for the wine age you prefer to drink!

I’d really stay passive given your stated preferences and aging windows! [cheers.gif]

I know, but that 6 degrees bothers me for some reason. I would be fine if it were 59 degrees, but 61 degrees? [shock.gif]

I know the rear duct kit is cheaper than the front one, is there some reason you can’t duct it from rear?

I just dont want the unit itself inside the cellar. I think the rear duct is to exhaust heat outside the house and makeup air return. I have enough interior space in the storage closet. About 1000-1200 cubic feet.

The cellar at Margaux is passive. They’ve had 19th century wines down there at temps up to 65 since birth.

Don’t sweat it. If you can get a steady 56-61, you are golden.

The two obvious responses have already been offered (1. You don’t even like aged wine. 2. 60-61 degrees will keep your wine in great condition for a long time – some people think that passive at a slightly higher temp is actually better [see, e.g. Margaux]). If those responses don’t move you, I have to assume that you aren’t actually doing this for the wine and some sort of wine cellar hobbyist/fetishist. If that is the case and you want to spend less than a CellarPro, you might be a perfect candidate for the mighty Kenmore solution. It’ll give you the opportunity to futz and tinker, it will work great, and you’ll only spend a few hundred bucks.

I say hello to my new Kenmore tomorrow

I liked the article. I’ll wait a little bit longer. Temperature today is 60.2 so…

Which one did you get ?

I don’t have the model number handy, but it was a 12k BTU window model with easy access to the temp probe. This will be #3; the first two lasted 8-10 years each. The last one gave up the ghost after 2+, which is worrisome.