Alta, west village nyc, winelist reccs?

Am going to Alta in the west village tonight. what in their list in the sub-200 range would wine berserkersrecommend?

I like oxidative whites like the heredia tondonias, but am open to interesting Spanish wines of any kind.

Looks like a lot under 200. Kinda don’t love the Spanish section. Not bad, just not loving it. Nothing wrong with LdH but you already know those. Hermanos de Pecina is solid, trad Rioja but upon quick glance don’t think I love the vintages. But Cotat, Gianinni Brunelli, Marie Courtin Efflorescence and many more that look like a lot of fun for around 150 or less. Haven’t been to Alta in many, many years. If Christopher still runs it, he will be happy to work with you if you show some interest in atypical wines. He is a character and loves to talk about them.

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Tempier 2014 rose at 95 not looking shabby.

Curious about all those Albarinos/alvarinhos. Those could be a nice score well under 100.

96 ldh gr, probably.

Best deal l saw was 12 Rousseau bc for 295

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The list is dated May 16th 2022…

O shit! It’s the one on their website.

I knew that list had to be to good to be true!

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havent been to alta since 2009…amazing its still there.

Their online food menu is even more outdated

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Christopher steered me right, Tony thanks!

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Alta is still there and it’s still great.

I didn’t his name, but I had a long talk with the owner about a year ago and realized why the place is good – someone really cares. In a city where restaurants turn over every few years and lots of owners have whole portfolios of restaurants, and so many play to a formula, Alta is a one-off.


Christopher is definitely a one-off in a good way. I am not sure but I think he may own the building and live above the restaurant the way Donna does at Il Buco. He’s pretty savvy with numbers/business but if he owns the building that may help explain why he’s able to survive and do things the way he likes rather than following formulas and chasing trends. I think he really likes the whole aspect of what he does from the quality of food to being obsessive with wine to being an engaged host.

My pleasure. Glad you enjoyed. :clinking_glasses:

@phil.lukeman I’m thinking about dining here in a couple weeks. How reflective of the current list is the list you linked to? Back vintage Cotat still there? All the old Riojas at those prices too?

bear in mind this is i) from memory with no notes, and ii) tipsy.

no cotat. no white ldh. lots of old riojas. no memory of prices/vintages alas, but they seemed comparable.

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I think he’s pretty consistent in keeping the list interesting and fairly deep. He likes good wine and believe he wants that part of the restaurants reputation. He’s constantly on the hunt to make the list worthwhile. If I have any grumble, it is that he looks for closeouts and will often end up with so-so vintages. Not the worst thing as I think vintage variation is part of the game. Sometimes those deals get slightly passed onto customers but I wouldn’t go expecting prices like the online list has. Looked like there was a lot that would be priced very well if it was today. But what do I know? I haven’t been in maybe 10 years.