All Ways Cool - new owner?

Did anyone else get the following email? Looks like AWC has new owners. Wonder if that will improve their responsiveness over email.


Hello, my name is Eric Giacobazzi, I am the new owner of All Ways Cool. For your convenience, please see the attached invoice for wine storage during the months of January-June of 2022. Please note that this is your first storage invoice under the new company and the name True Vine Fulfillment LLC will be reflected on your credit card statement.


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I received the below email on June 1st from All Ways Cool:


After many great years of servicing your wine storage and shipping needs, I have decided to retire. I have chosen a replacement who I am confident you will enjoy working with! Going forward, Eric Giacobazzi, is the new owner of All Ways Cool and will lead management of the existing team. Please expect to see True Vine Fulfillment LLC listed on your statements when processing any of your transactions.

Thank you again for the continued business over the years, it has been a pleasure serving you! Coming up, keep an eye out for continued communication from Eric as the company continues to transition. In the meantime, if you have any questions feel free to contact Eric or the All Ways Cool team at 707-545-7450.


Len Hammond

AWC sustained many of us in Maryland when it was a felony shipping state. Loved the 15 packs they used.

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Someone just emailed this to me about the new company, True Vine Fulfillment - apparently they are sending all kinds of automated bills with no detail on what the bills are for, no response, etc - anyone else experiencing this?

I have just filed a complaint with the BBB and CA Dept of Consumer Affairs about True Vine Fulfillment. I see there has been some activity about them on your web site.

When they went from AWC to TVF I noticed getting some bills - took me a few months of like 9.99 CC charges to realize what was happening. I did have some wine in storage and had it shipped. Recently I got an email asking for new CC information but since I don’t have anything with them I did not provide it. I probably will steer clear in the future but moreover I don’t really have a need to use them.

Does anyone know of a good alternative to All Ways Cool/True Vine Fulfillment? I have used AWC in the past and recently tried to set up a new account with TVF, with no luck. Thanks for any suggestions.

I used to use
When it was necessary. Even though I was a small time player they always treated me well.