All of the Halcon Alturas!

Last weekend, after a few shot bottles of older Beaucastel, I wanted something fresh and fun. One thing led to another, and I decided to open a complete vertical of Halcon Alturas. Overall, every vintage showed great, with no bad bottles. I think these wines generally taste better after 24-48 hours of air, and this tasting reconfirmed this. I finished them on day 4, with the notes below from the 72 hour mark (After opening).

Halcon alturas vertical
May 29th 2018
Bottles open 72 hours prior

2016- shy nose. Some olive and ash. It’s all stones and olives on the palate, it’s fresh and stemmy and peppery. Still tight.

2015- shy nose as well, with some blueberry/berry pie poking through. The palate is dominated by a firm backbone. Lots of pepper. Light berry flavors with wet stone and some spices. Very interesting.

2014- another shy nose with some berry notes and more creaminess. Much fuller and more expressive mouthfeel - tons of red fruits, pepper, green olive, spice. This is delicious stuff right now.

2013- very bright, exotic nose shows candied red fruits, crushed dark berries and a very savory finish. It’s a lively, fresh wine as that is spicy and green and firm but you keep going back for more. For the exotic and savory crowd!

2012- seemingly darker nose that finishes with some citrus. darker fruits and stones on the palate with a dry tannic finish. Feels young still.

2011- brighter cherry and red fruit nose. Lots of red fruit and cranberry on the palate - with a spicy and dusty finish.

2010- fruity nose that’s all over the place- kind of like ‘13. Medium to full body and it’s delicious. Tons of minerals to balance the fruits and acidity. This is awesome and I want to keep drinking.

2009- spicy, darker more brooding if not riper nose. Round on the palate starting to pick up more tar notes- the tannins are more resolved. Still drinking well!!

The 2010 and 2013 were similarly “exotic”. The '12 and '15 were my favorites, but all are very good. If you can stash some '15s, do it - you will be rewarded. Paul and Jackie do a great job with these wines, and they represent a great QPR!

I’ve loved both the '09 and '10.

Nice, I recently did one of every Syrah ever produced from the vineyard. That was a lot if Syrah for one night. Quality site.

I liked what I was getting from the 14’ as well, when tasted last fall. Which tells me to wait at least a couple years on the 16’s.

Thanks for the tasting adventure, JoeD!!

Great notes, Joe.
Love these wines.


Very cool that you did this vertical. I have never done the full 8 years.
I am one that loves the exotic nature of the 2013. I do think the 2016 will be the best of the bunch with a little more time in the bottle - it has some of the wildness of the 2013 with a little more spine.