All local, homemade tomato sauce

Tomatoes are really late this year due to the drought. Finally got a decent amount, and with home grown garlic, onions and parsley from the farm in town, and basil and oregano from our yard it is (other than Veleta Olive Oil, salt and pepper) a completely local batch of sauce now bubbling away. :grinning:


Between the excessive heat and drought, our tomato’s were skimpy this year. Seem to be coming back now with a bit cooler weather

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Hoping for a second batch in a couple of weeks. We’ll see if this rain (finally) and high humidity induces rot in the rest of the tomatoes.

We had no shortage of tomatoes in July and August. Our plants are winding down now and we had a ground hog infiltrate the chicken wire and polish off what was left on the vine. We are relegated to farmers market tomatoes for the rest of the season.

The picture below was August 7th. We ended up with 3 trays through most of august and that was with gifting and eating weekly.

I ended up making a tomato jam which helped the cause but we did end up with a significant amount in the compost near the end.

The sauce looks great!


Wish I had those. There’s a local farm that may have more. I just like sticking to the yard. :frowning: