All Day, Muscadet

Flavors of yellow and green apple, lime, and minerals. Finish is slightly clipped but overall provides plenty of pleasure and should get better with some age. Similar to a crisp Chardonnay but at a bargain price, this is a QPR champion. (89 pts.)

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I’m beginning to question why I ever drink Chardonnay, since Muscadet hits the same pleasure receptors for me at a fraction of the price. The Clos des Briords that we drank yesterday went FAST, but if you don’t like acid, it’s not for you.

Nice. I have a bottle of that regular '14 in queue. Chardonnay and Muscadet don’t taste the same — that’s why (although, I will admit, with some age they start to show some similarities).

Can you still find a case? I thought this vintage was mostly sold out.
Both the '12’s and the '14’s were my WWOTY, especially if price were included in that calculation. Disregarding cost, it’s still one of my favorite wines.


They aren’t “the same” but I get a lot of the notes taste fairly similar to me. Of course, Chardonnay is made in so many styles that it’s difficult to generalize. Certainly MdB is leaner and more acidic, but I also get the same yellow fruit that I can find in Chard without the grassiness/herbalness of Sauv Blanc, the florals/spice of Gewurtz, etc.

There’s rarely an occasion that I can think of where I would prefer a Chard to a Muscadet, especially if you factor in cost.

My LWS had a good amount in stock as of a couple weeks ago. I’ll head over next weekend to grab some more. We open a bottle nearly every evening with dinner, so finding a good QPR is a major plus.

Despite some incredible wines during Rieslingfeier this is still up there in my top 10 white wines of the year.

Corey - buy large formats of the Briords. While I don’t think Vin Chicago has it anymore, they usually have a ton in stock when the new vintages are released…they’re typically $40 or so.

Thanks Tooch, I plan on it. I have never really aged Muscadet more than 3 or so years and I’m realizing that it’s a major oversight on my part.

First, thx the notes Corey, gotta love Pepiere.

In terms of fruit flavors, I tend to feel Chardonnay and Muscadet have more differences than similarities. As for everything else, Muscadet can really fool me into thinking I’m drinking Chablis (citrus nose, saline minerals, etc.). It’s pretty wonderful stuff for a fraction of the cost, might even be better with Oysters than Chablis…

You know what grape Chablis is made from, right?


I think Muscadet is made for oysters. Chablis certainly not.
Any idea when 2014 Clisson is released?

Of course! To clarify, while the fruit profile of Muscadet doesn’t really remind of Chardonnay, most everything else can, with Chablis being the prime example as a comparison. Should have used clearer phrasing.