Alive and Kicking

What you gonna do when things go wrong?

Several years ago I bought a Magnum of 1924 Château Lafite Rothschild. The label was badly damaged but fill level good. I was cleaning the cellar last weekend and I noticed this had leaked quite badly, with about a quarter of its contents now missing and the cork sticking out a bit. I stood it up for a week and opened it last night, giving it a 6 hour ‘Audouze’.

It had a rather unappealing, pale chestnut colour with a light cloudiness. The nose was nutty and had volatile balsamic lift. There were leather, teak, truffle and tobacco notes too. The palate had vinous sweetness and it had seriously good intensity of flavour. There’s a kind of slippery texture. like an oyster, that I see in Burgundy and Bordeaux wines of this kind of age. It was full, layered and seriously long, enthralling all of those at the dinner table.

Simple Minds like mine would have expected this to have been shot. I guess it’s a wine that promised you a miracle and says “Don’t you forget about me!”

Umhnn, Like!! flirtysmile

I had a similar situation with a 1966 Clos Fourtet about 3 years ago. I bought a case in about 1978. When I pulled this from the rack, it turned out it had no cork! For about 50 years the only closure was a capsule that had been “glued” to the bottle by dried wine. I scraped off the capsule and it was much better than some of the “sound” bottles in the case. It taught me never to give up on a bottle of wine.

Yikes. not to be a downer, but lead capsule?


Pity about the volatility. A once-recorked, well-preserved bottle was one of the best wines of my life.

It was really good Keith. Had it not leaked I suspect it would have been spectacular like your bottle.

if I’m alive and kicking at age 96, I expect I’ll be leaking, too. And I hope my cork sticks out a bit also.

You might be nutty, too.

Shabooh Shoobah is an amazing album. Simple Minds weren’t too bad themselves.

Agreed , INXs’s best album, when they had a bit of a harder edge. Every track is top shelf. Best concert i ever saw was INXS in 1984 at a small venue in Adelaide. They played at our place a few years ago, and they still rocked it, but nobody can replace Michael’s stage presence.
Always liked Simple Minds, who can forget the final scene in the Breakfast Club?

Love it. champagne.gif

That’s got Berns written all over it.

I love ‘The Swing’ Kent.

I agree, Hutchence’ stage presence was second to none. Although Nick Cave is his equal and Josh Homme is awesome. I never saw them, but I suspect Bon was just as good as were Robert Plant and Ozzie in their prime.