Alisos Canyon AVA

I see the area around Los Alamos in Santa Barbara finally got their own AVA - Alisos Canyon. One of my favorite vineyards, Thompson, is there. I thought White Hawk was up there too but they don’t seem to be listed on the announcement I saw. Anyone know?

White Hawk is north of Los Alamos, in Cat Canyon. They are therefore excluded. It is an intersting little corridor with a number of smaller vineyards - Watch Hill, Black Oak - but one of Manfred’s vineyards is in there, as is the newly planted Nolan Vineyards (100+ acres) as is Martian Ranch.


What ever happened with Verna’s?
I think it is in that area.
That was some of the best Syrah I ever had when Jaffur’s was sourcing from there.
Heard it was sold a few years ago but don’t know what the current situation is.