Algarve: Christmas to New Year holidays. What's it like?

Can golf? :blush:

Not selling/trading anything here. Just a bump in case there’s anyone with insight.

Will drive after New Year from Vilamoura to Lisbon, with an overnight at Evora to visit niece who’s schooling there. Restaurant suggestion?

No personal experience but found this. The Algarve for Christmas
5 European Destinations For Christmas Golfing Holidays - Golf Holidays Direct
A Guide To Visiting The Algarve at Christmas | The Real Algarve There are 5 pages to this one but the page numbers are very small and under the first photograph on the right side of the page. I almost missed them.

Looks like there are a lot of things to do at Christmas.

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Thanks, Michael. Helpful information.

I’ve been in June (many years ago) and loved it, but it was out of holiday season. Plenty of great weather, great golf and great food. I can only imagine the holiday season making it better from a festive perspective but would expect it to be a bit more crowded. Good luck, hope you guys have a great time.

A quick follow-up.

Still in Algarve, based in a small resort town of Vilamoura. First order of business was golf. Played Dom Pedro Golf at Victoria, the current home of the Portugal Masters. 66 degree shorts weather. Narrow, winding, long fairways. Small but awesome-condition greens. Back 9 is all water hazard. Bring plenty of balls. Fun!

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