Aldo Biale

Aldo Biale, longtime Napa winegrower, partner in Robert Biale Vineyards and patriarch of the family, passed away in his sleep Saturday morning.

I think the family would appreciate your words of sympathy and respect.

He will, to say the least, be missed.

Sorry to hear that. Biale was one of the first zin producers I really took a liking to.

Allan - Thanks for posting. I had the good fortune to meet Aldo on a couple of occasions (once by knocking on his door by mistake when I was supposed to be next door with Jayme). He was a true old world gentleman and one of the last remaining links to pre-prohibition Napa.

Sad news. The Black Chicken always is a fun wine. Fun winery, too.

A friend and I visited there in 1998. He was a very gracious host and we had a wonderful time.

He was a sweet man and will indeed be missed.