Alain Verset?

Any notes on the 2010 Cornas? Grabbed one on a lark yesterday. Vintage alone says it should be great, and apparently the vines were planted in the 1920s.
Any other info would be appreciated.

Maybe the folks at Wine Library have tried it. Did you check with them? neener

Clever, I feel like you’ve been waiting to drop that line on me :wink:

  • 2010 Alain Verset Cornas - France, Rhône, Northern Rhône, Cornas (11/17/2015)
    Nephew of the recently passed Cornas master Noel…….from vines inherited……opened in bottle for an hour, this wine starts out more on the pretty and polished side than what I’m use to with Noel’s wines…….dark saturated purple, liqueured berry fruit….nice silk smoothness, with good ripeness, yet not too so…some tartness which I like. The Rhone jumps out at you with a good dose of iron, and pepper….olives, licorice, creme de cassis, smoked vines. Lovely dried florals and dusty cherry spice……this isn’t a rustic old school Cornas…more elegant and modern imo……but I think it’s totally balanced and tasty……subtle and well made. Drink this all day for the $!! (92 pts.)

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This is apparently Noel’s nephew, Alain inherited some property which was not sold to Clape and Courbis. There is a thread with lots of into on Alain Verset on Disorder if you do a search there for his name.

I had some on Thursday, served blind. I found the tannins quite hard – harder than most 2010s I’ve tried. (At one point I guessed a Barolo.) So, contrary to Buzz, I did find this a bit a rustic in the coarse sense. I don’t have my notes with me, but I think I gave it 89 or something like. A pretty good wine, and cheap by the standards of Cornas these days.

^^^ i concur… I had this a few days ago and it was Tannic… with a capital T. very savory.

Sorry I haven’t been able to circle back on this till now, but my notes echo Brian and John, TANNIC.

It was savory, and by no means modern, but I feel like it was missing something. I wanted to love this, but it didn’t come together as I would have expected. I may try another with a LONG decant, to see if that helps. The last glass was definitely the best, but it was still young then too.

The only vintage I’ve had was either the 2005 or 2006 and while good it wasn’t “run out and buy more” good. It was “order off a wine list if there are no better options” good.

Quick update- So I had both the 2012, and the 2010 again this week. The first bottle I had was definitely not representative. The second bottle of 2010 still showed restraint, but tons of promise. I’ll report back in the next day or so, I still have most of the bottle of 2010.

The 2012 on the other hand is wide open for business, and is flat out terrific. More over, it’s a super star value, and one I plan to buy a lot more of. Just a beautiful, aromatic, pure expression of Syrah, with the hints that remind you it’s Cornas. In time, I’m positive this will show more terroir.