Akóma Zoúme at Mountain Terraces Vineyard Sampler Pack

Akóma Zoúme at Mountain Terraces Vineyard

In the late 1980’s, the Schaefer family began a journey to establish a high quality vineyard in the mountains above Sonoma. Over the past
twenty years, the history of Mountain Terraces Vineyard has told a story of terroir driven wines of exceptional complexity and elegance from brands such as Arrowood, Pax, Pahlmeyer, and Audelssa.

With a passion for excellence, our newest project is Akóma Zoúme, a boutique collection of Reserve wines made from the estate Bordeaux
and Rhone grapes. The magnificent characteristics of the mountain have been selected in combination to offer the finest experience of wines from our unique vineyard.

Akóma Zoúme is Greek and means WE LIVE! It is a celebration of life and the gift of sharing it. I offer you on Berserker Day 2012 a sample
three pack at 30% off.

2008 Zeus
Cabernet Sauvigon Reserve
The finest of our Mountain Terraces Cabernet Sauvignon. From the lava and ash soils, the perfect balance of cherry and mocha notes that are
so characteristic of our vineyard site are achieved. It is a mature wine with soft refined tannins. Drinks well now and will lay down for 15+ years.

2008 Apollo
This Cabernet Sauvignon is opaque red violet color with a rich dark cherry, blackberry, mocha, and cassis palate with a silky tannic structure.
The creamy French oak frames the fruit beautifully. 10-12 Years

2008 Athena
From the nose through the finish this Syrah is balanced and lively showing beautiful black fruits – blackberry, cherry, plum as well as some
spice and pepper. The tannin is firm but unobtrusive. It is structured for long ageing and it should develop beautifully over the next 7 to 10 years.

Retail $205
Berserker Day 2012 $143


In on this one. FYI shipping to metro NYC was $18.05 for the three pack.

Me too, and very happy with the low shipping price too.

Considering that my son’s cats are named ‘Zeus’ and ‘Apollo’ (and we almost added an Athena), I had to order this.


THANK YOU!! This is exciting!!

Anyone have tasting notes on these puppies (err. Gods). :slight_smile:

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I got 2-3 packs and only $18 shipping. I might be a customer for life.

In for a 3-pack. Very nice deal! I opted for pick-up. Gloria, let’s choose a day to meet in the spring for some photography!

I have these in my cellar already but to date I’ve only opened the Athena:

  • 2008 Akoma Zoume Syrah Athena Mountain Terraces - USA, California, Sonoma County, Sonoma Valley (10/10/2011)
    Pop & pour, showing dark garnet in the glass with lightening at the edges. Red-fruited nose shows good complexity, with cherries, eucalyptus, and smoky French oak. Palate is cherries, plums, eucalyptus, and a floral/iron mountain spice reminiscent of wines from the Monte Rosso vineyard on the next ridge to the south. Finishes with refined tannins and French oak prominent, plus a little heat. It’s a little disjointed at this stage, but that’s forgivable given the youth of this wine. With air time, the cherries begin to verge on candied, so this is a ripe wine, but for my palate not overly so, and this may be characteristic of the vintage, which was hot. This is tasty and approachable now, and clearly shows its terroir. It should improve with a few years for the flavors to become better integrated.

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Definitely!! I am saving up for a new camera…mine is shooting at a 2 degree error…makes me crazy. I will fix it, but I still want the new one with video capabilities. I would love to see your Monte Rosso shots.

Seeing orders from some old friends…This is awesome. So, your order comes with an invitation to come visit. [drinkers.gif] I am sure the few that have made the adventurous trek up the mountain will tell you it is quite the experience. We are working on getting our humidor filled again. Dan tends to give them away too fast!

Thank you everyone for your support…made my day.

Ah… Cavedale Rd. My favorite. [wow.gif] [wow.gif] [shock.gif]

All three of my girls drive up there now…That took a bit of courage. It isn’t that bad actually…only when you get behind a cyclist that is having a tough climb.

I’m in. I have no expereince with these wines but decided to take a chance. These look interesting. It’s like a tin of Altoids at the Supermarket checkout. Impulse purchase!
Thanks (I think).

Thanks T for taking a chance… I will guarantee it so you will not have any buyers remorse. : ) I am pretty confident you will like it. The spirit of intent was for you to give it a shot [cheers.gif] [cheers.gif]

Thanks Gloria. I am excited to try them. Looks like there is true passion behind these wines.
All the best.

I noticed a few people have bought two- 3 packs : ))…If you do that, I will send a bottle of olive oil with it if you would like it : )

The olive oil is gooooooood stuff!

Glad I bought 2, Look forward to that olive oil.

Thank you, Ed [highfive.gif] I hope you are doing well.

Just bought a 3 pack. I’m an Audelssa fan so looking forward to trying this one.