Airborne Bar...Your Expectations?

A handful of Airbus A380’s are now operational and Emirates has fielded a decent bar for inflight drinks. It is open to all passengers, so what would be your expectation of decent wines?

CA: Something like a Kendall Jackson Merlot

France: Something like an E. Guigal CdP

That’s my guess. If you get offered this choice, take the Merlot.

Nice – reminds me of my recent USAir flight

So, the captain says “You may unfasten your seatbelts and the bar is open” and 600 people rush that guy? I see problems.

I expect the vertical stabilizer to remain attached for the duration of the flight.

Well…Airbus has had some issues…I’m just sayin’.

My biggest expectation is that the bar remains airborne.

How about the rest of the plane? Or is it just the bar…


Just the bar. It’s the most important part, no?

Don’t forget the head.

I was going to make a joke about pilots and drinking, but now that Dustoff has joined Wine Berserkers it might not be a good idea!

+1 to this…first thing I thought of

that and bar fights

I’ve actually had wine at that bar. Was on Emirates flights to/from Dubai/JFK (when Emirates flew the A380 out of JFK; they’ve switched to Toronto). There’s a correction—its not for all passengers; just First and Business Class pax. Its upstairs, and the economy pax are not allowed upstairs.

I forget what Bordeaux they served but it was quite nice–something like a Cantenac Brown of a recent vintage but might have been a different Bordeaux–I don’t remember exactly but remember it was quite nice and certainly good.

The bar is nice for several reasons–on the long flights, passengers can stand around and it helps with the boredom and sitting in one’s seat for long hours. Also, if there’s turbulence, there are couches around it with seat belts so we could just sit there and buckle up. Nice to socialize with other passengers, too!

Cool Wilfred.

I was under the impression it was for the entire manifest…my bad.

it would certainly be a hellava lot more fun if it was for all passengers: total mayhem in a good way.

Why I’m a fan of mostly staying belted in my seat →" onclick=";return false;.

And I definitely don’t want to be within projectile flinging distance of that bar. pileon

I can just see some loudmouth boozing it up, making a scene, then excusing himself for the head and walking out the emergency exit door.