Aged Cali Cab

2001 was the vintage that put Paloma on the map with their Spring Mountain Merlot.

Had a 1994 Kenwood Artist Series last year that was excellent. I thought the Artist Series were from Jack London vineyard or did they come from Montecillo? Either way it wasn’t expensive and worth trying if stored properly.

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I did have some OTH WH CS from the 80s about 6 years ago

Under $20 each recently. I can afford only cheap stuff. :slightly_frowning_face:

I remember buying several vintages of this wine at WineLibrary back in the day…great Cab, happy to see that it is still drinking well!

Victor with the old school Whitehall Lane label. Well done!


So funny. No wonder I recognized the label. I had a 94 Morilsoli Whitehall Lane Cab for my 21st Bday back in 2015. What a wine. The wine was fabulous and I loved it. The wine had great acidity and beautiful fruit with a long finish. Hope you enjoyed the Merlot as much as I enjoyed the Cab!

Meant to reply to Victor but seems like I can’t lol

Try to find some aged Spring Mountain Vineyard. I know a bunch of it hit the market maybe last yr when they were headed for bankruptcy but their backlog of ex-estate wines was awesome and some of the stuff we tried from the 90’s was awesome. Just try to find a vintage chart so you know that youre buying an age-worthy vintage!

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Thanks James I will check it out!

A steal. Stonestreet Legacy 1994, which recently fell out of bed.

Picked up a few of the 2006s from a local retailer for like $60/bottle - what a steal

I bought this 1994 Legacy for $25 per bottle last week.
The current $36 price is still a steal.